Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Democratian whining on the East County Bridge vote.

In the interests of full disclosure, I voted "yes" on this issue.

First, everything the rag writes is run through their hatred filter, which Lefty Lou nuclearized roughly 20 months or so ago.

Second, the democrat strategy is as I theorized, based on higher level leftist meetings I've recently become aware of where in democrats were charged to AVOID changing their kamikaze stance on the CRC Scam, which they view as very much alive but in something of a state of suspended animation.

Right, Annette?

Third, there is no question that the bridge advisory will pass, and likely with an overwhelming percentage.

The reason?

No leftist, from Lefty Lou himself down to leftist county clerk candidate Pauli-Hammond, have suggested or offered anything different.

Leftists from Olympia south absolutely do not give a DAMN what the people of this county want.  They are as fixated on getting the CRC Scam built, no matter how much it costs, how high or how long we'd have to pay those horrific tolls because they view light rail as the Second Coming.

The legendary tin ear of the democrats is what's behind the titanic political shift wherein the left is being fired tonight.

My favorite and most obvious example is this speech by democrat bought-off former commissioner Steve Stuart, who told us this as a part of his official capacity of being a commissioner:

This is Steve Stuart, singing the song of his fellow leftists.

Clearly, the local left hates any ability for us to express our opinion on anything not an accepted part of their agenda:  their deliberate and planned fixation on the CRC Scam is yet another example of the fact that they don't listen to us and, as a result, they don't care about us.

And that's the thing, you see: without offering ANY realistic alternative, it really doesn't matter what the left is sniveling about.

If Lefty Lou gave a damn about the issues confronting us, he'd be demanding alternatives and putting some of those alternatives forward himself.  But after deliberately lying, exaggerating, insulting, belittling and attacking us about our opposition and our well-defended reasons for that opposition and being let in on the democrat strategy, he's got nothing.

Well the East County Bridge be built?

I have no idea.

Did I vote for it?

Absolutely.  I voted for it because the leftists failed to offer us anything else due to their CRC obsession... an obsession driven in part by their hatred and their desire to punish the people of this county for daring to defy their authority.

The very nature of our political system demands that when the party in power provides a path, the party out of power has a duty to offer a different path.

Instead, our whiny, cry-baby, petulant spoiled-rotten bullies just whine and snivel, offering nothing as an alternative because they want what they want when they want it and screw us.

Well, locally, these scum are going to be crushed tonite.

Let's see how they like that.

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