Sunday, November 16, 2014

Democratian makes early selection for uber-councilor: Zarelli.

A long, long time ago, back when Joe Zarelli was a Republican, I used to support him.

Then came that idiocy of this guy... with a presumably straight face... breaking a law that would have put most of us in prison: he knowingly took unemployment... to the tune of $12,000 or so... while a sitting state senator... without reporting that income.

He was in the midst of an abortive congressional run at the time against Brian Baird.  The democratian wasn't all that enamored of him back in the day.  He typically stood for everything they opposed and vice versa.

That was then.

This... is now.  Now, he's among The Chosen: former Republicans or RINOs who now tote the rag's water like Gunga Din... and among those who threw us under the leftist bus on the Charter Scam.

Much like his opposition to I-502, which provided the veneer of legality (It's still quite illegal, initiative notwithstanding.) which has vaporized because he can make money off it.

Today, the rag, who would support him or any other RINO for uber-councilor that makes it through the primary under the auspices that like Marc Boldt, he's become a total sell out to the downtown mafia.

So, the rag began his campaign today by telling us that Zarelli has "seen the light on" pot.

And this is news, why, exactly?

We've ALL "seen the light" on pot: but it's attached to a freight train.

Is this where I point out that the voters of Clark County opposed this rip off?  That the campaign for pot was a campaign that centered on monetary lies.  $582 million?  It won't hit $58 million... but that didn't stop the Daily Democrat from getting sucked in.

The rag knows this by now, of course, and they relied on this figure, which I knew to be an outright lie at the time, during the course of their endorsement of this stupidity.

Now, of course, when money can drive his decision making process, he's all about those Benjamins, principles be damned.

Since the uber-councilor gig is also part time, expect the rag to continue to push this putz, as well as others who sold us out as freeholders with their hatred of David Madore, to get the gig.

And if the rag supports them, it's generally wise policy to oppose them.

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AJ Gomez said...

Up to $1 million a month in taxes, so far. Don't know the high side, might be your 58 million. Concerned about his pro-charter stance, damn the folks.