Sunday, November 16, 2014

Democratian bias impacts everything they do: In My View - democratian fee snivel a bust.

When hatred drives everything you do, there's bound to be a credibility issue.

With the democratian, when it comes to county government, hatred is the only meme they display.

Thus, the yawn resulting from the hatred they express in yet another condemnatory editorial in their Madore Jihad series: Fee waiver a bust.

First, it came from the shop of the arguably proven dishonest auditor, Greg Kimsey.

With his destruction of honesty and integrity... and the law... in his mishandling of the voter pamphlet, Kimsey has shown that he's not above lying.  So, the source of this screed is utterly worthless and not believable.

Second, as I have shown many times, if Madore came up with a cure for cancer, Lefty Lou Brancaccio would bitch about the shape and size of the test tubes he used to do it.

And that's the problem with democratian editorials.

When you lack even the pretense of fairness as an editorial policy, then everything your print is likely a lie, an exaggeration, a character assassination (And face it, this tub of scum masquerading as a newspaper leads the league in character assassination, right, Cockroach?) and a deliberate effort to mislead people into supporting the downtown mafia agenda.

IF the rag were fair; if they had integrity; if the editor was a man of honor, then this incessant whining and sniveling might make a difference.

But like their asinine political endorsements, this kind of braying has been so overdone as to be less than worthless.

So now, the people of this community will be exposed to the psychosis that is Lefty Lou for the next two years and beyond (Unless Campbell wises up and fires him), interspersed with the occasional self-flagellation editorial espousing his greatness and genius... while the real issues confronting us are ignored along with the leftist corruption Lefty so favors.

In short, if the scum at the democratian told me it was daylight outside, I'd have to look for myself.  That they believe that anything county government does is bad likely means it's wildly successful.

The rag is guilty until proven innocent, since the scumbag running their show has confessed to abusing his position to "get" Madore.

And of the two, I'd believe Madore every day and twice on Sunday.

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Pete Masterson said...

Simple solution. Cancel your subscription. This newspaper, like 99% of the other publications of the "left-stream" media, is worthless. No subscribers = no advertising = no revenue = no more leftist blather. It is only justice that they go into bankruptcy.