Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Think Briggs has figured it out yet?

Mussolini Mikey Briggs, second only to Bully Loserham as being the worst possible choice to run for the legislature in the 18th District, has put together yet another pathetic fund raising month this October.

As we enter the home stretch, his fellow leftists are ignoring him in droves: he's raised a totally pathetic $425 for the entire month.

The entire month.

He's only raised $16,850 for the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN.  He's flat broke now... his campaign, in fact, is in debt a substantial amount.  (He's spent $22,400 directly on the campaign, meaning he's out of pocket almost $6,000 there,  in-kinded himself almost another $6000, and lent himself $6950) showing he's $7000 in debt.

And he wants US to allow HIM to get his hands on the STATE budget?  He can't even budget for his own CAMPAIGN!

In two weeks, he's going to be humiliated.  On the plus side, we'll never see him run again in this conservative district.

Better suited running as a communist in downtown San Francisco, this tin-eared know-it-all doubles down on his rabid-CRC-scamming, fringe-left-don't-care-what-you-have-to-say-if-you-disagree-with-me idiocy.

Well, the people with checkbooks have joined with those running away from Dingethal and Loserham in avoiding their urge to waste their money.

The only reason, of course, to vote for Vick is the possibility he'll vote for GOP leadership in the House.  Other than that, he's BEEN a waste of time and he'll BE a waste of the next two years.

But Mussolini is so far out of the mainstream of this district that he shouldn't be let out without a keeper.

Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the way I've been calling it since it became clear this political moron was going to run for anything.

A pathetic campaign by a pathetic, out of touch, ideologue candidate.

We both look forward to election night, but for entirely different reasons, I'm sure.

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