Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Paradox of Bully Loserham.

Maureen "Bully" Winningham is a fascinating character.

The woman lies with the intensity of a psychopath: (Credit Lew Waters)

According to unions when it matters, she's the absolute worst of the worst: someone who outsources and supports the outsourcing of tens of thousands of jobs overseas so her employer, Intel, can avoid paying American workers, American wages.

Because both the interchangeable term "democrat" and "union" equates to rank hypocrites with the situational ethics of a prostitute on MLK in Portland, this hasn't seemed to matter to these nutters.  Some of them have thrown her a few bones anyway.

Bully's gone nutso, lying about Liz Pike having taken "thousands" in campaign contributions from oil and rail interests ($500 doesn't equal "thousands.") all while deliberately ignoring her fellow fringe-left democrats who have taken money from those same interests, including Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

And that kind of hypocrisy is just plain repulsive. 

But when it comes to people... just us folks?

Not so much.

Like Mussolini Mikey, the people are staying away from her in droves:  from PEOPLE,. she hasn't raised $600 THIS MONTH.

It's a replay of Mussolini Mikey and Bob Dingethal.  The people are not only voting with their feet in dumping leftists, they're voting with their checkbooks and keeping their money.

It's almost sad, really.

Democrats know they lose on the issues outside the Vancouver Soviet, so they're reduced to lying.

And that's a shame.  Imagine a campaign entirely on this issues, where all concerned are focused on the people instead of furthering their agenda.

Imagine a campaign of issues, instead of neo-psychotic personal attacks and negative campaigns because that's all they've got.

Well, keep imagining it.  Because with losers like Bully, that's all we CAN do.

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