Saturday, October 25, 2014

The political dying last gasp of the fringe-left whackjob running the Lazy C?

We all know the stupid stuff Lefty Lou has inflicted on us here locally as well as the collateral damage his lies, complete lack of integrity and fringe-left hatred causes.

As our election winds down (Thank God), the local cancer on our community continues to avoid any pretense of fairness or even-handedness in what he prints.

Lefty Lou's obsession with David Madore is equal to that of a David Letterman stalker.

His ignorance of people, let alone politics, has done more to divide this community than any other single cause.

Is he proud of that?

What happens when his positions and views are once again repudiated?

Will Scott Campbell do the right thing and fire this clown?  Or will he keep this loser on as the democratian hopefully goes bankrupt for the final time?

Meanwhile, I fully expect the democratian to ignore the polling and go into full-blown campaign-for-the-left-mode by printing garbage designed not to inform, but instead, to push voters into doing their bidding and implementing their agenda.  They manipulate the news by giving wide coverage about what a washed up, out of office for 12 years former senator did because he's "bitter," and what a losing county commissioner candidate is THINKING about doing... when neither one of those things become news... but the mere filing of a complaint, obviously spewed out as part of a coordinated response to independent expenditures for Jeanne Stewart is not news: the filing of complaints happens all the time.

NEWS would be if the complaint were determined at some point, a point that will, no doubt, be long after the election is over.

But the rag wants the impact of the complaint as if the complaint were adjudged to be founded (Which, of course, it isn't) to make a difference now.  Which is why they've been pounding this issue so hard... and yet another reason why they're an embarrassment to this community.

I get the feeling that as Lefty Lou drifts further into his dementia, we'd see a picture of him sitting in a wheel chair, a blanket over his lap, drool dripping down his chin, muttering about David Madore.

That kind of hatred is a rarity among those who haven't been institutionalized.  It's even rarer that they'd be allowed to continue in a place of some responsibility.

Perhaps the rag's name should be changed to something like "Campbell's Death Wish."

How this plays out is anyone's guess.  I have my suspicions that things are going to be very, very dark for the left, including the democratian 11 days from now.

And what then?

Strategically, Brancaccio's ego-driven efforts no longer have any impact on the political scene.

He's beaten on the right out of his own personal hubris for so long that it's just become background noise.

What Lefty doesn't get is that those actually foolish enough to pay for the democratian were likely to vote against Madore and his agenda anyway.  It's a classic case of "preaching to the choir."

Every other problem of this community having been solved, incompetence at a worldwide scale provided by the current Administration, and all Brancaccio can do is beat a thoroughly dead horse to atoms.

It's long since become background noise, kind of as if the rag's decade of lies about the CRC/Loot Rail scam became background noise and their incessant whining, insulting, prevaricating, exaggerating and attacking those who stood in their way.

Those like me.  Those like David Madore.

While attacking the main source of Lefty Lou's multiple failures (Madore) and God knows: Lefty pats himself on the back on those infrequent occasions when he actually succeeds in deluding himself into believing that he made something happen; certainly gratifies Lefty's inner bully and makes him believe he's a "Big Man.”  It also causes him to lose sight of HOW to do it properly... in such a way that when his hatred is really "needed" to make some sort of difference, he can pull it out for all to see in such a way that it actually make a change.

That’s where Lefty’s lack of political acuity actually comes in: had he wanted his hatred of Madore to actually impact, he should have kept it silent until, say, 2 months ago… and then unloaded on him.  That MIGHT have actually worked.

His obsessing over him?

Not so much.

But his hatred of Madore runs so deep that it's ingrained in Lefty's DNA.  And he can no more stop then he can actually tell the truth.

Polling has long since indicated a horrific outcome on the charter.  The leftists outside the 49th Soviet are likely to suffer as a result.  One example?

Greg Kimsey's fringe-left front group, the charter shilling ClarkBackwards, raised huge money from the usual leftist suspects... until the results they paid bank for ($15,000 is HUGE money for a local poll) were released to them... towards the end of August.

Suddenly, the rate of cash flowing in began to, relatively speaking, has slowed down dramatically.

Until the release of the poll internally, they'd raised around $83,000.  Since the poll, have much have they raised?

Around $15,000, more or less.

Why is that?

Well, in all likelihood, it's because the numbers sucked... for them.

Instead of understanding the numbers an engaging in a little introspection, Lefty Lou has been acting like that little Dutch kid on the dike... sticking fingers in all the holes... only to discover that more and more holes are popping out... and he was out of fingers.

Today's juvenile effort shows the kind of lack of situational awareness for which Lefty has become known.

In so many ways, he's like the local version of Baghdad Bob.  And I take him just as seriously.

As for outcomes, I could be as wrong as the next guy.  But all the indicators are that this November will be something of a bloodbath, politically speaking, for the fringe-leftists infesting us.

So, when the Charter fails and the left gets clobbered on November 4, will the rag engage in a little introspection and make some changes?

Time will tell.  But one thing is for certain:

Driven by hatred, even the crushing defeat of his cherished agenda will make no difference to lefty.  He'll go on being the embarrassment to this community. 

He'll go on doing the "stupid stuff" for which he's so become known.

And that's a shame, really.  It truly is.

The Columbian could have stood as a beacon of unvarnished, exaggerated, unbiased truth, instead of the tattered, imbecilic waste of wood pulp it has become under the guidance of Lefty Lou.

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