Monday, October 20, 2014

Reitterating Bully Winningham's hypocrisy on the oil scam.

I make no bones about it: I cordially detest the liar that is Maureen "Bully" Winningham, one of the two latest speed bumps to run in the 18th District.

There are a great many reasons to loath that woman; none to vote for her.

She started her campaign with a series of lies, misrepresentations, exaggerations and outright falsehood, apparently having been told by the colossal waste of money consulting on her campaign, Heather Stuart, that the only way she stood a hope in hell was to lie her ass off.

Well, she's lied, but the ass is still there.

But the reason to despise her comes from her own facebook page and her incessant whining on the subject that the vast majority of the people of this district simply do not care about:
Public Safety is a primary responsibility of your public officials. Oils trains have been called Bombs on Rails because they are old and leak toxic, highly flammable Bakken crude as they pass through Camas, Washougal and Ridgefield on a daily basis. Your taxes will increase because we will need to hire additional Firefighters and provide them with resources to prepare them for inevitable accidents that will occur. My opponent has taken thousands of dollars in campaign cash from Big Oil! Community Safety is not a partisan issue. Please share this video if you agree.
It obviously IS a partisan issue: why else would she bring it up, considering that many democrats of her own fringe-left ilk have done the same thing to the extent that this simple idiot has had to lie about even the amount of money Pike has taken from "Big Oil" ($500 is NOT "thousands") the thing that pisses me off the most is this, left on the Youtube page holding this sniveling hypocrisy:
My thoughts:

Eric Pettigrew.

Judy Clibborn

Jeff Morris

Gael Tarleton

Pat Sullivan

Larry Springer

Christopher Hurst

Brian Blake

Ross Hunter

Dean Takko

Steve Kirby

Are all democrats who took money from Tesoro.  Some took money from Chevron and BP.

And who are these people?

BNSF... the train people she's whining about.  And these people below?  More democrats who took money from the train people she's so upset about.

AFTER HAVING MAXED OUT TO JIM MOELLER on August 5th, this year!!

When are you going after him?

Who else took money from this version of the anti-Christ?

Democrat representatives Cindy Ryu (Is that a fatality, or what?)

Brady Walkinshaw

Hans Dunshee

Timm Ormsby

BIG bucks to dem Sen. Steve Conway

Jake Fey

Steve Kirby

Kristine Lytton

Jeff Morris

Eric Pettigrew

Chris Reykdal

Sharon Santos

Judith Clibborn, another set of big checks!

Larry Seaquist

Brian Blake

Kevin Van De Wege made a big score...

Gael Tarleton

The House Democrat Campaign Committee  (Twice... both in 2013 and 2014)

Chris Hurst

Steve Tharinger

Roger Freeman

Dean Takko

Kathy Haigh

Marcus Riccelli

Pat Sullivan

Jessyn Farrell

Steve Bergquist

You see, this is just one of the many reasons to oppose this hypocrite.

There's no excuse for her condemning Liz Pike when even JIM MOELLER did the same THING!

You going to condemn HIM?

Of course not.  And this kind of selective truth is one of the main reasons you shouldn't be elected dog catcher.
And here was her miserable response:
 Thanks OldCavLT.  This shows that I am the Independent Thinker Clark County needs.  I stand by my principles and values and reflect what the citizens at the 5000+ homes I've visited tell me.
First, she has a better chance of getting me to believe she's a super model than she has in getting me to believe she's "visited" 5000+ homes.

That is an out and out lie.  A complete fabrication.  A total falsity.

But second... if as she claims, this issue ISN'T "partisan," then WHY ISN"T SHE ATTACKING DEMOCRATS, INCLUDING MOELLER, FOR DOING THE SAME THING?

It's not just that she's a hypocrite: it's that she's so obvious about it and SUCH a terrible liar about the whole thing.

And frankly, that's not what I want either in government generally or my representative particularly.

On this blog, for example, your party gains you no shield from me.  If you're a screw up, a liar, a malfeasant or misfeasant, when I find out about it, and I usually do, I'm gunning for you.

For example, Republicans (Or alleged Republicans) Jaime Herrera or Brandon Vick?

They should forget about ever holding their breath waiting for me to vote for them; neither are fit to be in elective office.

And I do not hesitate to say as much... repeatedly.

So if, as Bully Loserham tells us
These trains are going through our communities risking our safety, our environment, hurting property values of homes, and Clark County's economic future. We need to keep our communities safe.
And THIS garbage:
 Community Safety is not a partisan issue.

Gee.  That's a toughy.  Why, indeed?

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