Monday, October 20, 2014

Forwarded: The Fall of Greg Kimsey - Clark County Auditor

At a minimum, the county GOP should now be in the process of kicking this clown out: the party has taken a stand against his idiocy, he doesn't care, so there NEEDS to be consequences for that.
Forwarded: The Fall of Greg Kimsey - Clark County Auditor

The raging battle across America is one against bloated, arrogant, and corrupt big government. One has to be terminally clueless to not recognize that the federal government and the special interest vultures are either incompetent or comprehensively corrupt. To some degree this corruption and incompetence extends all the way to local governments.

The wildly corrupted and incompetent CRC light rail and tolling boondoggle was the wake up call in Clark County. The now defunct CRC clearly demonstrated who was with the broken political establishment and which public and private citizens would stand up to stop this disaster driven by political power and special interests.

When the CRC failed, the Clark County political establishment and their special interest friends determined to use the 'Home Rule Charter' process to regain their lost power. They got 'name brand' establishment sympathizers elected as freeholders and with the help of biased county staff pulling strings behind the scenes, created and this Charter that is now on the ballot.

A vocal and ardent supporter for (both) this Charter process and the resultant Charter (along with the CRC Scam) has been Greg Kimsey--the Clark County Auditor. For over a year now he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the worst offenders from the Clark County political establishment (such as Steve Stuart). Kimsey started the pro-charter advocacy group called . 
Now he has fully crossed the line with the production of the biased Voter Guide about the Charter. And today he has email blasted this illegitimate Voter Guide information to many voters. Like his establishment friends, he seems to feel that the end justifies the means. The misuse of the Voter Guide is further explained by David Madore (one of our key local reformers) at (the text from this link is also copied below).

A key duty of the auditor is to orchestrate, and have the clear appearance of, a fair election. This cannot be done if the auditor is a big advocate for a particular election result.

Across Clark County there is a well organized, well funded, and resolute team in place to continue dismantling the corrupt and self interested Clark County political machine.  In this battle Greg Kimsey has chosen to side with the self-appointed Vancouver ruling class against the citizens. This was a very bad decision.

The team at .

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