Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Case nails the Charter: C3G2 fails to mention it.

As I pointed out a few days ago:
Facts, truth, evidence and logic are not effective because they require a willingness to question and examine that simply does not exist within the C3G2 hater. Unless and until it does exist...only horrific and painful repercussions of leftist inanity and evil will wake them from their brain dead cult adherence.
So today, Marvin Case, the esteemed editor emeritus of The Reflector, printed part one of his mangling of the Charter Scam.  I anticipated that the fringe-left whack jobs populating the C3G2 Hate Site would flip out over it.

I admit I was wrong.

Their response?

They ignore it altogether.

THE most crushing blow the haters have suffered in the entirety of the Charter scam campaign since Betty Sue was told to calm down at the first charter debate.

So, they're babbling about a well-written LTE that also slaps them around a bit and is located just below Case's crucifixion of their idiocy.  Their response to THIS perspective?

The usual: arrogance, ridicule, narcissism.  Classic Obama speak, in fact.

This kind of hatred is part and parcel of why these people are political pond scum and why, in large part, they are facing a total asswhooping this November.

Meanwhile, how come they don't mention the Case editorial destroying their position?

Well, why, if they don't mention it, then by golly, it must not exist.


So, C3G2 ain't sweating it.  They've just decided to ignore it altogether in the hopes that the 600 sheep signed up for their political filth don't hear about it.

Because even in the fringe-left hater world of the C3G2'er, Case is too big to walk over.

But this thing is pinging all over the net as easily $50,000 worth of the equivalent of in-kind contribution.

And in the end, the weak-sauce the pro-CRC/Charter side trowels out doesn't come close to Marvin Case's sober review of this insanity.

And they know it. 

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