Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The difference between a C3G2 hater and a liberal.

With apologies to cfbleachers:
I have spent months on these pages attempting to expose the distinction between a C3G2 hater and a liberal.

The Indoctrinator and his indoctrinated. A propagandist and his propagandized.

The knee jerk C3G2 hater is now hard wired to drool on Pavlovian command. They not only can't process facts, evidence and truth...they are conditioned to repel it.

The mens rea is different. The C3G2 hater is a fringe left nutjob intent on wrecking local government in the forlorn hope they can take it over... again. The C3G2 hater desperately wants to be associated with the "good guys". They want to be compassionate, tolerant, kind and open-hearted. And they are willing to hate and shun in order to prove it.

C3G2 haters create a caricature of non-leftists based upon incessant, unrelenting slander, fraud, suspect class warfare and hoaxes.

Those fooled by their positions are indoctrinated to accept The Narrative without examination...in fact, ANY questioning is treated as heresy and brings forth a nasty rebuke.

Facts, truth, evidence and logic are not effective because they require a willingness to question and examine that simply does not exist within the C3G2 hater. Unless and until it does exist...only horrific and painful repercussions of leftist inanity and evil will wake them from their brain dead cult adherence.

The C3G2 hate group disguised as charter lackeys are counting on that.
I can't wait to disappoint them.

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