Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why does Bully Winningham have to lie... all the time? Doubles down on the CRC Scam and once again, she attacks Moeller, Wylie and Pridemore.

I get that she's desperate.  But she's also despicable.

I get that she knows she going to get crushed.  I get that she's broke and in debt.  I get that it seems she only received a single donation from within the district this month... for $50.

But does she... or that woman she's wasting all that money on... Heather Stuart... really believe she can lie her way to a win?

I just observed Our Liz crush Bully in the side-by-side that CVTV does every election.

As usual, Bully lied repeatedly about who she is and what she'd do in the unlikely and even more unfortunate possibility that, God-forbid, she would get elected.

When you start from a fact that's undeniable: specifically, that for the vast majority of time the democrats have been in charge of the entirety of this government, including all 3 branches for extended periods of years, one has to wonder:

Who, exactly, is responsible for the Supreme Court's fantasy decision called McCleary?

Is it the party that's been in the minority for the better part of at least 3 decades?

Or is it the democrats?

Hhhhmmmm.... that's a toughy.

So, when you claim you "haven't seen a lot of results in recent years," have you considered whining to those responsible?

And then, to claim that you think it's important to "stop all the bickering."

You campaign started out on a series of lies designed to wrongly portray our Liz as the demagogue you, yourself happen to be... and then YOU complain that there's "too much bickering?"

Hypocrite, much?

The lies you make up about people telling you they "don't want career politicians?"

You mean like Jim "Molehill" Moeller?  Or Sharon Wylie?

Or Craig Pridemore?

Look, I get that they're fringe left loons just like you, but what do YOU have against them?

That's as stupid as you beating up Rep. Pike for taking Tesoro/BNSF donations when your own caucus, including Molehill Moeller, has sucked up 10's of thousands of their dollars.

And that's pretty stupid.

And then you go on to lie about how you, too, would "listen to the voters."

If that's true, then how come you've never once bothered to answer my questions concerning the CRC Scam?

And, as Liz pointed out at least twice, and as you twice ignored: the people of this district DO NOT WANT THE CRC SCAM.

And you don't give a damn.  YOU want it, like every other leftwing nutjob... so SCREW what we want.

And you continue to lie about Liz's training wage bill, and even go so far as to make up a fictional person who "cried" when you lied to her about it.

That's at least as true as your lies about their not being any traffic lights in Bangalore.

You claim you would listen to your fellow left wing "community leaders."  Well, what about listening to the people?

Where do we fit into your fantasy?

You're endorsed by a union?  big whoop.  All the nutjob unions can endorse you.  That doesn't mean spit.

Your whining about the airport being in proximity of the rail lines which are going to carry that oil whether the terminal is built or not, for example: didn't you learn anything from when I bitch slapped you for your oil terminal panic effort?  And throwing in the airport, like anything would happen there NO MATTER WHAT an oil train did?


More lies about the I-5 Bridge: "Can't sell apples in California if you can't get them over the I-5 Bridge."

Really?  Why is that?

Have we dropped the I-205 into the river?

You mean that apples couldn't go AROUND Portland?

Bully, I despise you not just because you lie, but because you do it so badly.

You offer up nothing but your I-5 fetish, which, of course, is all you fringe-left nutters have got.

Our Liz tells us she'll listen to the voters.  You tell us that what we've got to say won't matter, and then make up even MORE lies as if the people of Clark County had not crushed your CRC Scam at the polls just last year.

Delusion, much?

Like I've been saying: only one of these two cares what we want.  Only one listens.  Only one looks out for us instead of the special interests who own her like the 13th Amendment was a suggestion.

Outsource THAT, Bully.

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