Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bad times for the leftists in the 1-8.

Terrible fundraising continues to plague the speed bumps also known as the democrats in the 18th District for the legislature.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs continues to get dribs and drabs of throw-away money from the unions he wears out kneepads for... but in the end, he's only raised a paltry $15,975.

Maureen "Bully" Loserham, who has discovered by now that a psychotic lie of a campaign just doesn't get it done, has done somewhat better, although the unions who allegedly curse outsourcing jobs are likely to have some explaining to do given their hypocrisy.

Bully has put together a bit more impressive $27,846.  Her problem is that she's also spent far more, including wasting big money on Heather Stuart, who, I'm told, practically threw up at how moronic Bully's speech was at the democrat goat-rope back in what... March?

The writing is on the wall.  For the entire month of September, Bully has only scammed ONE donation from within the 18th District, based on a review of the zip codes.

One.  For $50.

And that speaks volumes.

Folks, as weak a clown as Lumpy is, he's actually raised $66,500.  He's even, so far, transferred $12,500 of it back into surplus... and it's going to be FASCINATING to see what he does with THAT money.

Our Liz, OTOH, has raised $79,831.  And she doesn't outsource any jobs.

It's just sad that both of these clowns were so hard core, fringe-left partisan haters, absolutely out of touch with this district.  They lived... and died... because of their rabid support of the CRC Scam.

In reality, the only question is this: as weak as Lumpy is... and he IS weak... will Mussolini even top 40%?  Vick is going to win, though he nearly lost the seat to an actual, working, conservative, (3 things Vick is not) but the question is by how much... and in the next two sessions, is he actually going to get off his ass and DO something?

As for Bully, the same applies.  A campaign of lies and vitriol has gotten her precisely no where.  Fortunately, we will soon be rid of her as well, so she can go back to Bangalore... and lie some more about traffic lights.

Fortunately for them, it will all be over soon, and they will both be consigned to the trash heap of leftist political history, never to be heard from again... like all of the others buried in the 1-8.

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