Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's the hated Red Truck up to?

Today starts our 3rd year of service to the Lewis River Mobile Food Bank as we donate both our "hated" Red Truck AND our time to the Lewis River Food Bank.

The haters over at XC3G2 frequently bring up Lou Brancaccio's columns that made our truck infamous because this veteran exercised his rights to support a candidate for the House of Representatives.

Now, it's arguable that had I been as strident in my support of the CRC Scam and the rest of the Columbian's agenda, Lefty Lou would have worn out even more sets of knee pads over me than he does for Jim Mains and _______ "Fuck Off"________.

But, since every waking moment of the fringe-left generally and the C3G2 hate group specifically is based on their partisan hatred, whenever I embarrass them in public... and that is frequently... they bring up these links:

This amounts to the year's long attack of the democrats/democratian.  The hated Red Truck appears in the last two links.

Some of it is accurate.  Much of it isn't.  All of it is slanted and biased.  And it's based on the "bullying" that lefty Lou is known for.  Neither the democrats generally, nor the C3G2 haters nor Lou Brancaccio care... it's a club, they try and beat me with it.

They miss.  I wear it as a badge of honor.

Gaining the left's hatred is my greatest political achievement at the personal level.  They will never know that I've done to them behind the scenes or how I accomplished it.  I will suggest, however, that when they're standing around, scratching their heads, wondering why they failed... again... there's a pretty good chance I played a role in it.

And, by the way?

They wonder that a lot.

The whole point of that exercise is to Rule 5 me.
RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
Here's the thing:

It's none of those things to me.  It's all of those things to the haters at C3G2.

Every time I point out they're a hate group.  Every time I point out their lies.  Every time I point out their hypocrisy.  Every time they lie and call them on it.

EVERY time they mention me, I have again succeeded in knocking them off message.  Of course, after I've beaten whatever their position de jour happens to be to a pulp, I guess they HAVE to say SOMETHING.


So, I ponder this, briefly, as I head out the door to do the one thing that few... if any... or the haters do: give back to my community.

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