Sunday, September 21, 2014

The C3G2 hate site's fake "civility."

One of the more ignorant of the many ignorants there, one Loren Sickles (An appropriate name, obviously) made himself out to be a moron claiming, falsely, that I had claimed he was an alcoholic.

These guys are so easy to play.  And like Madore, the obvious question is this:

If I were fighting this hard for their neo-communist, hate-filled agenda as I am against it, would we see any of this playground BS?

Of course not.  But among the left, Alinsky's Rules Rule, so to speak, which is why I DO so enjoy using them against these clowns... sort of a blogger jujitsu.

Clark County Citizens for Good Governance is a Hate GroupHatred is what's driving the scum posting there: unless you agree exactly with their world view, unless you hate Madore with the same passion they do and want to overturn the November, 2012 election where the candidates for commissioner the haters supported were destroyed at the polls... then they don't want to hear it.

Everything about the hate site is a lie, from their stated purpose, to those they allow to comment there, to their utterly fake civility.

Don't misunderstand me; they are by no means REQUIRED to be civil, it's just after months of attacking and insulting those wise enough to oppose their rank idiocy, even they wised up about the public perception of hatred and so they began this internal "civility" push.

Now, there's no name these scum haven't called me.  I've been referred to as Hitler months ago by these slime, and have been promoted to this within the past few days:

This is "civility" to these scum.

The reality here is that this is what they think about anyone opposed to them or their agenda.


It's not about "Clark County Citizens."  It has nothing to do with "Good Governance."

It has to do with attacking anyone in politics who doesn't agree with them.

I beat these slimeballs to a pulp on a regular basis because it knocks them off message.  It weakens them.  it's a hoop I hold up which they find themselves incapable of not trying to jump through.

They are, in fact, so narcissistic and predictable that it is, in reality, quite easy.

It's all one sided, of course; they could care less about holding any democrat accountable for anything they do, and that, of course, is where the lie begins.

I, personally, don't give a damn that I offend them: if I did, I'd stop calling them out and run away, instead of ginzuing their lies of a position and motives for doing the crap they're doing... which really has nothing to do with what's best for the people... instead, having much more to do with what's best for them.

But don't buy the manure: if you don't go along with ALL of their problem and post on their site, be prepared to be attacked.  And when you try and defend your position?

Be prepared to be banned.

Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the hatred.

For them?

It's what's for dinner. 

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