Monday, September 29, 2014

Likely local outcomes in the general.

County races:

Clerk - Weber.

That I'm not voting for him doesn't mean others won't.  I tried to warn him to actually act on his campaign promise of eliminating his job as an elective position, but he failed to do that.  None the less, even the fringe-left democratian has pointed out that "He has performed the job well and has done nothing to embarrass his office."

In short, except for his party affiliation, they find nothing objectionable about him and, were he a democrat, he would certainly be endorsed for re-election... yet another sign of the rag's incipient Madore Hatred Syndrome.

I don't care for either of them and won't vote for either.  That said, this is a GOP tide and unknown partisan leftists like Pauli-Hammond are in for a tough sled.

Prosecutor: Golik.

Golik's administration of the Prosecutor's office has been more of a model than a partisan slugfest.  Brent Boger's endorsement sealed the deal for me, and the combination should be enough to lift him out of the GOP tide.  I'm not going to vote for anyone just because they have a letter after their names.

Treasurer:  Likely Colas.

Colas has both a compelling resume' and has found some irregularities in the office of the treasurer.  That Doug Lasher has been in office longer than most of Clark County has been alive is no reason to keep him there.

Colas makes a great case that Lasher is losing us money.  And that's reason enough, I believe, to replace him and give Colas a shot.  However, it's a steep hill to climb, given Lasher's name familiarity, and this call is subject to revision if I don't see a wave of effort coming to rectify that sort of thing.

Sheriff: Atkins

Atkins is an adult.  Gardner is a child.  Atkins is a cop, Gardner is a social worker.

I've busted Gardner for his arrogance and narcissism.  The Lame Brain Shane Train screwed up by going all in as part of an effort to put a nanny into the office by not only going outside the county but outside the state to get someone with the background that Gardner, himself, lacks.

Marc Boldt's endorsement along with the rest of the rabid left doesn't help.

Gardner is broke (Only reporting 5 donors this month and now having spent a few thousand more than he's raised) and getting terrible, unbelievably useless and expensive advice from fringe-left nutter Jim Mains.  His endorsement list is a who's who of CRC Scammers.  He'd be perfect for the job of Clark County Social Worker, but not for top cop.

Atkins continues to extend his fund raising lead and has even garnered support from Betty Sue Morris and the county Prosecutor, democrat Tony Golik.

That combination is just too strong... and it's Atkins.

Assessor: Van Nortwick.

Four years ago, Lefty Lou Brancaccio used his soap box to savage Peter Van Nortwick, again showing his partisan hatred by endorsing a woman in that office who had not voted during the entirety of her LIFE.

The guy running against Van Nortwick, Wertz, is running because, as I understand it,  he's pissed off at how something turned out between himself and Peter's office.

Wertz is a Ridgefield City Councilman who also ran against Tom Mielke in 2012.  Essentially, it takes genuine anger to unseat an incumbent, or some level of incompetence (See Lasher, for example)

Van Nortwick is likely to take this as Wertz has raised a whole $750.  That shows that people have already voted with their wallets.

Commissioner: Stewart.

Craig Pridemore has made it clear that he'll ignore us and fight for his fellow fringe-leftists and the other special interests who own him like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

Jeannie Stewart has fought her way through personal tragedy and she has a record of fighting for the people on the CRC Scam, that Pridemore has major ownership of, that he can only dream of.

Stewart in a walk.

The County Charter: Will be crushed.

This is likely to be the biggest ass-whoppin' since the '95 loot rail vote.

Partisan hatred is not a reason to change the structure of our government, particularly when neither former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris nor former Commissioner Craig Pridemore had any problem with the system we have in place right now.

In the end, nothing the pro-Charter scammers can say gets them over that hurdle: if it was all that bad, then why didn't Pridemore or Morris do something about it when they were commissioners?

East County Advisory Vote: PASS

It will pass this time like it passed last time.  And I'm going to revel in it since it pisses off the C3G2/democratian haters

17th District:  Wilson

All seats currently GOP in Clark County will be GOP after this election.

Both seats in the 49th will remain democrat.

The only seat in play is Stonier's in the 17th.

Stonier has no real argument to keep the seat.  She claims she's voted against taxes.  But like every other fringe-left nutter, she's OCD about the CRC Scam and she offers absolutely NOTHING along the lines of addressing our cross-river traffic inadequacies.

But the number one reason to get rid of her is that no matter how conservative she tries to act, she's a vote for the fringe-left leadership of the House.  That and that alone is enough.

Linda Wilson has and is running a stellar campaign, one of the best I've seen by a first time challenge candidate.  She will surf the tide of GOPdom and will actually be a damned fine representative.

This is all subject to change: after all, there are 35 or so days left... and that can be an eternity.

But it seems fairly straight forward.

3rd Congressional: Herrera (Unfortunately)

Dingethal's only chance was to separate out from his fellow fringe-left nutters, move to Herrera's right and become the one thing the fringe-left nutters cannot stand: a conservative democrat.

His lack of responsiveness doomed him to the point where he was broke and has been broke.  That Herrera is equally worthless just means that neither of them are worth voting for.

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