Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Vancouver Business Journal joins with Montague to screw this county.

As a charter member of the downtown mafia, there's no doubt that the VBJ is helping him to work over those who stood up to scum like Montague and brought the massive, $200 million waste of money crashing down around his ears.

He did such an abysmal job, alienating everyone who would listen, that he got fired from identity Vancouver, ANOTHER downtown mafia outfit, for his miserable failure in the legislature.

So, what does he do?

He throws a hissy fit, rounds up a couple of buddies, and proceeds to put together a PAC designed entirely to waste money as much as the CRC/Loot Rail scam wasted money.

If you go over to his self-flagellating web site,, you can see for yourself how delusional this clown is.

Montague babbles incessantly about the efforts of the downtown mafia types:
Throughout the 2013 Washington Legislative sessions and the 2014 session, Identity Clark County, the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, the Columbia River Economic Development Council, and other business, labor, freight, government, port and citizen groups from throughout Washington and Oregon came together to advocate in favor of a transportation-revenue package that included the Columbia River Crossing (2013) and a second version that simply included funding for other Clark County transportation projects and road maintenance/preservation. 

Despite the strong showing of support for these packages, the MCC failed to pass them, demonstrating a higher allegiance to party politics than to the needs of the community.
In his parallel universe, this clown fails to admit that the people of this county did not and do not want his scam to get built.

NONE of the organizations he's beholding to matter when THE PEOPLE, who would have to pay for this colossal waste of billions, are opposed.

And the people ARE opposed.

Those who acted to kill this idiocy are the exact opposite of this moron claims:  Those who fought scum like Montague to kill this rip off are to be congratulated and supported.

So, Montague expresses the precise, exact same kind of hatred spewed by the C3G2 ttypes who don't believe that what WE want means anything.

So, he sets up a suicide PAC.

I call it that, because like everything else Montague does, this is going to fail as well.

And if ANYONE gives these people money to impact these races, then they are going to wish they hadn't.  Because when their side loses... again... the list of donors will be in every elected official's office and they WILL remember.

Because *I* will remind them.

Keep in mind the fact that this scumbag is a hard core dem: he has donated to mostly democrats and the odd RINO, and he has donated directly to the democrat party, thus, a lot of his bullshit needs to be viewed through partisan lenses.

This is NOT what's best for US:   it is, instead, what's best for his leftist fellow-travelers.

 As a result, he supports every leftist position and candidate running on the ballot.

So, to those who need the support of legislators outside the Vancouver Soviet or those who need the support of the Commission, I urge you to review the motives of this skank and proceed accordingly.

Or, you'll likely wish you had.

And Paul, feel free to put THIS on your "Legislative Session Score Card" and jam it up your ass.

Meanwhile, forget about the VBJ.  They've stupidly wrapped themselves around this clown and have made themselves into the same type of disgrace he is.

Montague has been given office space in the VBJ AND check out who his board members are:



27500 Ne 14th Crt
Ridgefield, WA 98642


And who is John McDonagh and what else is this address for?

Vancouver Business Journal

1251 Officers Row
Vancouver WA 98661

(360) 695-2442


Kind of speaks for itself.

And I'm starting to think "boycott."

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