Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The democratian's/Brancaccio's hatred of Madore continues...

Look, the only thing these clowns haven't done yet is shoot him.

The title of the article in question would be a joke if the cancer of the democratian made any difference:

In Our View: Tilting At Bridges

Madore megalomaniacal pursuit of an east county span defies common sense

Not unlike Brancaccio's "megalomaniacal pursuit" of Madore "defies common sense?"

Lou's hatred of Madore has reached a level that is mythical, as Brancaccio snorts that fairy dust they take every time he writes about him.  And the hatred reeking from today's sewage passing as an editorial would tend to make me think that Brancaccio spewed this particular effort of trashing David Madore yet again.

After all, Lou Brancaccio writes about David Madore like the nazi party newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter, wrote about Jews. 

The nazis blamed the Jews for everything; Brancaccio blames Madore for everything.

The nazis needed a scapegoat for their failures, Brancaccio needs a scapegoat for HIS failures.

The nazi news organs attacked, belittled, insulted, exaggerated, lied about and dehumanized the Jews, Brancaccio attacks, belittled, insults, exaggerates, lies about and dehumanizes Madore.

It's like Goebbels is Brancaccio's hero.

And, of course, the one HUGE flaw in the "reasoning" of this cancer on our community is as simple as it is obvious:

They offer absolutely nothing as any alternative.


See, it's easy to be a clown like Brancaccio: all you have to do is whine and snivel and bitch and moan about the ideas of others, particularly when an entire county has stood in line to break your nose.

But it's entirely different to come up with something better.  And neither Brancaccio nor any other of the fringe-left nutters... including the democrats running for office in the legislative districts of this county have even made the attempt to do so.

They PINE for the days of the CRC/loot rail scam, which they were going to ram down our throats. They DESPISE Madore because he was instrumental in stopping them and, in fact, making them look like the fools they are... and even more foolish than they make themselves appear with their incessant barrage of vitriol and hypocrisy.

And that's what this kind of tripe is from the fevered keyboard of the democratian's editor.

It's hatred.  It's C3G2 hatred as they rabidly campaign for the Charter scam with the same enthusiasm they campaigned for the CRC/Loot Rail Scam.

And until or unless the rag... and those bent fringe-leftist nutjobs running it can come up with a better idea?

They are to be ignored.  As they so frequently have been in the past.

And until they get rid of that embarrassment of an editor?

They are not an source to be admired... they are, in fact, a carbuncle to be excised and then ignored.  

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