Monday, August 18, 2014

The voters in the 18th are speaking with their wallets.

The sad and pathetic campaigns of the M&M Twins in the 18th are dying on the vine.

Both the campaigns of Mussolini Mikey Briggs (37%) and Maureen "Bully" Winningham (42%) are drying up like a snowball in a hot skillet:

Full melt down and then.... nothing.

Since getting crushed in the primary, Mussolini has raked in $25 from people.

Since getting humiliated as a result of her boorish lie of a campaign, "Bangalore Bully" Winningham has been snowed under by a single $75 contribution from people.

Oh, Briggs has been damned with faint praise with two other donations from the usual fringe-left labor outfits... but even then, it's only been $950... if they thought he had a chance, he'd have been maxed out to for a total of $1900... and the failure to provide the max?

Even those nutjob leftists have written him off.

And Bangalore Bulley Winningham?

She's only claimed a paltry $350 from those same kinds of outfits.

Both Mussolini and Bangalore Bully have met every low expectation I've had for them.

Neither have ever had a chance of winning: both stick doggedly to their out of touch fringe-left, downtown Seattle talking points, both doggedly support the hated CRC/Loot Rail scam, both refuse to give a damn what the people of this community want when it conflicts with their fringe left positions.

Both wrongly believe(d) they could get away with ignoring me: NO ONE looks forward to the upcoming candidate forums like *I* do.

Then these two will have every opportunity to explain: explain why they so stupidly believe they can ignore me.  Explain how their fringe-left positions in any way represent the people of this district.  And explain what they plan to do, except bitch and whine and moan, about our transportation issues, both cross-river and SW Washington region.

Yes, I look forward to pinning them down... because they are most definitely running out of time.

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