Monday, August 18, 2014

Democrats have replaced their slimeball Senator for the upcoming election with this... scum.

Neither this waste of skin or the Pollard clone she's replacing would be out of place with the C3G2
hate group... and there's no doubt that every fringe-left nutter in that group would vote for this nut burger.

Aftrer all, they're voting for Pridemore, right?

Politics: Hey Montana, meet your terrible new Democrat Senate candidate, Amanda Curtis 

Image Credit: Amanda Curtis

Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday August 18th, 2014

Robert Laurie 

A self-described anarchist? Fun!
Remember Senator Max Baucus? 
Sure you do.  He's the former Montana Senator and ObamaCare architect who, earlier this year, became Barack Obama's Ambassador to China. It seems that a thankless diplomatic position was preferable to running for re-election to a seat he probably couldn't hold. After he wandered away from his 36 year Senate career (and the 2014 midterm picture), he was quickly replaced by the supposedly more electable John Walsh.

The newly-minted Senator Walsh was planning to run on his long military record.  The thought was that a Bronze Star recipient with a long history of military service would be a "more palatable" candidate. Unfortunately for Walsh, he was caught up in a plagiarism scandal involving his Army War College thesis.  It only took a few days for Walsh to announce that he'd be setting sail as well.

So, the state's Democrats nominated yet another would-be 2014 contender.  This time, it's State Rep. Amanda Curtis. Curtis won her seat in the State House back in 2012, thanks primarily to the fact that she ran unopposed.  Since then she's had a relatively unremarkable career and likes to brag about how inexperienced she is.

...Oh, and she has a video blog that Montana Republicans just love.

This weekend, they released the clip below, which they seem to think will serve as a sort of national introduction for Ms. Curtis.  In it, she mocks a host of things, including religion, those who worry about the "bull" of the $17 trillion national debt, the importance of the family, gun ownership, Frankenstein's brain, and people who don't like socialism. She does all of this before describing herself as an "anarchist at heart" who obviously gets a big kick out of champagne.

On behalf of Republicans everywhere, we'd like to say: thank you, Montana Dems! We're looking forward to Ms. Curtis' inevitable MSNBC show.

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