Sunday, August 24, 2014

The democratian's anti-oil myopia.

Hypnotized by the bright-shiny object politics of their own vision, Lefty Lou Brancaccio stubbornly clings to his "I never make a mistake" meme... about anything... with today's idiocy:  In his view: cut our noses off to spite our face on the oil terminal.

There is, of course, precisely zero reason for the rag's anti-oil jihad: in everything from the oil that lubricates the trucks that distribute the cancer on our county to the paper-boxes to the ink that spoils the wood chips these scum waste to print it, the very same oil this moron curses is what serves to make this leukemia circulate in this community...

... what little that actually happens.

So, in the face of an unchallenged report that hit yesterday (Purely by coincidence, to be sure: the Saturday document dump is legendary for efforts to bury news the rag doesn't want you to see) indicating that the oil terminal would have $2 BILLION (with a "B") in positive local economic impact, the rag's unfathomable opposition to this economic development blew up in their faces.

The result was this typically out of touch, fringe-leftist tripe from the democratian that contained precisely zero reasons not to move forward with the oil terminal, since denying the permit would not be done for any cause other than Jay Inslee's increasingly out of touch sensibilities (How;'s that Parkinson's you've tried to cover up for so long going, Governor?) and nothing else.

Using accidents that have happened elsewhere as a reason to oppose this economic powerplant are as lame as ending automobile use because of car wrecks, or air travel because of plane crashes.

There is absolutely zero reason when this clowns pull their heads out of their collective anal orifices and not the reality:  THE OIL IS COMING HERE ANYWAY.

That's right: denying the construction of this terminal will do absolutely nothing to reduce the flow of oil: it will only bypass this location as a terminal to ship it.  So the babble about "... a series of derailments and explosions throughout North America..." (Another typically Brancaccian lie; the equivalent of saying because we had two ebola patients in Atlanta, we've had ebola "throughout America") is completely irrelevant... as irrelevant as, say, Lefty Lou himself.

These same morons creamed their collective jeans over an obviously fake and bogus CRUDEC economic impact report about the Yakima Millionaires (Now the Hillsboro Hops) bringing in an impossible $200 million over 20 years that we would have suffered to pay for over that same period of time by, for example, going to the movies... and paying ballpark taxes indefinitely as a result to pay for a stadium in downtown Vancouver that the democratian got all hypocritical about a tax-paid ball park...

Now, because th3ey want Vancouver to "look" a certain way (Like that would ever make that ghetto any better under its Soviet-style government) they would pass on this multi-Billion dollar economic engine.

They offer precisely zero justification in the face of the benefits, much like they offered zero justification for the CRC/Loot Rail Scam in the face of many negative impacts... the same CRC/Loot Rail Scam they were so rabid over... and lost so badly on.

In fact, as a community, the default position SHOULD be that we'd be best served by taking the position that if the rag is for it, as a community, we're against it.

Given that Lefty Lou only serves himself and the downtown mafia agenda..,. given that he wants to kill the union construction jobs required to build this terminal and union operator jobs required to run this facility...  it's reasonably sure that Lefty's bizarre, anti-terminal position is wrong for this community.

Lefty needs to think of it in terms of gay marriage: his r3evulsion at the oil terminal is no different or more justified than the majority's revulsion of gay marriage.

Build it, operate it and move on.  In time, Lefty will get over it.

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