Saturday, August 23, 2014

$2 billion reasons why Brancaccio's blown it on riverfront development.

We already know that there's more incest going on in and among the downtown mafia than there is in Amboy.

It wasn't that long ago that CRUDEC scammed together a completely and literally STUPID economic impact report for the Yakima Millionaires ballpark scam, and these people foamed at the mouth over that bogus, utterly nonsensical lie of "$200 million" over 20 years in economic impact if we all bought into Steve Stuart's "rape the county" rip off plan to build a ballpark in the downtown area of the Vancouver Soviet.

Well, that fortunately blew up in their faces.

For me, part of the irony is that a great deal of the CRC Scam was businesses staying away from the area if we didn't get bent over on the bridge.

So now we have a multi-billion dollar business that wants to locate here, and they don't want it.

The Vancouver Soviet.  It's what's for dinner.

And now, the democratian found itself in a position where an economic impact report has been released to show that building the oil terminal will result in $2 BILLION.... that's BILLION with a "B," dollars in economic impact and jobs for this community.

The development that Lefty Lou's been lying about for so long absolutely pales in comparison.

Now we all know that Lefty is a bit of a psychopath. He and the fringe left whack jobs on the Vancouver Soviet don't want this built because... well, who the hell knows why?

And, as we all know, it Lefty Lou wants it, there's no lie he won't spew to get it.

This community, however, as it so frequently has, will reject Lefty's idiocy on this issue.

In everything from the first lie of the democratian: "Serving Clark County, Washington" (These scum only serve themselves, the downtown mafia and their collective, narrow agenda) to columns where Lefty tells us his view is that the Soviet council should "...give the terminal the boot" as if they... or he... had an opinion that mattered.

Lefty has lied about this, twisted it, garbled it, exaggerated about it... repeatedly... because HE would sell OUR soul to get the riverfront development to happen.

Preferably at our expense, of course.

But compared to the positive economic impacts of the oil terminal, the impacts of the downtown mafia's development scam on the river is non-existent.

Kind of like Lefty Lou's integrity.  

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