Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Need another reason to oppose the Charter? Democrats admit that it's to take back control of county government.

Besides the several obvious ones?

Well, here ya go:
Clark County Democrats: The Official Political Website of Clark County.

Support the Home Rule Charter

The Home Rule Charter has been hammered out by the elected Freeholders Committee under
the leadership of Nan Henriksen to provide necessary upgrades to the structure of Clark County
government.  These upgrades include; adding Commissioners, reducing Commissioner pay, separating
powers between the Executive Director and the Commissioners, and providing for citizen Initiatives and
Referendums.  All changes that are necessary in these times where the population is well advanced
from the 1800's standards of the original design, and power is divided appropriately to reduce abuse.

Time to go to work and pass the Home Rule Charter

Below this tripe, they put this up:

A message from the CharterYes campaign :
Passing the Home Rule Charter is vital to taking control of our county again.  This is the Kick Off event that will take the campaign into full swing. Madore has already made it clear that he intends to stop the Charter from passing.  We can't let that happen.
You will want to be involved from the start!
I give them props for acknowledging that the entire purpose of this partisan hackery is, as the democrats put it, "to taking control of our county again."

So, it's not about what's best for our community: it's about their partisan bullshit and they admit it.

Remember: we wouldn't even be having this discussion if democrats Boldt and Tanner had been elected in November of 2012.

Motives matter.  And this crap pile is not about anything but democrats reestablishing control over the county government.

And they admit it here.

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