Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is Bully Winningham a complete psychopath?

Look, Bully Winningham knows she's going to be crushed this November: her pathetic showing in the primary has killed any hope this lying blivet has of ever getting elected.

But why does she insist on lying at such a psychopathic level?

I'm mystified:  Ever since she gave her lie of a speech at the democrat goat rope so many months ago, her campaign has centered on lies, exaggerations and fantasies has she's insisted on campaigning like her district was in downtown Seattle instead of rural Clark County.

From supervising and training some of the 50,000 slave-wage-employed, outsorurced workers her company that she brags so much about is responsible for.

But this garbage?

Why does Bully have to be such a liar?

Is she so desperate that she has to stoop to this level, even though she knows she's lying?

Good God, but it seems every democrat running for legislative office has been reduced to this kind of playground bullshit.

And that's the psychotic aspect of this.

Given her campaign of lies, I'd suggest that Bully get some serious help.

And, come the night of the election, she be put on suicide watch.

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