Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blog Talk: The psychotic nature of Brancaccio's Madore Derangement Syndrome.

We've seen it in fringe-leftists like Brancaccio for years:  their hatred of Bush 42 was boundless.

Now we see it in the nutjob running the democratian, except his hatred is reserved for local county Commissioner David Madore.

We've seen this kind of obsession before: the nazis blamed all of Germany's ills after World War One on their Jewish population and then, having identified the enemy, proceeded to set about to hunt them down and slaughter them.

Lefty Lou Brancaccio's efforts here on a political level are no different.

Lefty Lou has an obsession about Madore that would have given nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels pause.

There's no lie our local Gaultier wouldn't tell.  No effort he wouldn't make to attack, belittle, exaggerate or insult that Brancaccibels has not tried or done, exhibiting his anger problem and obsession... his derangement against Madore... on a weekly basis.

It's like Vancouver has zero issues.  It's like every other area of government outside county is perfection, personified.  Every other problem in this whack job's world has been solved.

So, he psychotically uses David Madore as a piƱata for the same reason the nazis used the Jews: Lefty wants conservatives generally and Madore particularly, destroyed.

Today's tripe from Brancacciobels is another in his endless series of whining, moaning, bitching and complaining.

Lefty's problem here is that he's kicked this dead horse so many times it's been reincarnated as a pair of jack boots.

Steel toed.

The problem that the leftist nutbergers like Lefty has is simple and obvious: they offer absolutely nothing as an alternative.

I've made my position clear: I will support ANY effort to build additional bridges/capacity over the river.

And the reason I will support any such effort is because I have no alternative to offer.

I support the bridge at 192nd because no other reasonable alternative has been presented at a political level.

The left isn't interested in that.  They claim they don't understand how the east county bridge idea came about.

Btrancacciobels, who has been beating the hell out of Madore and anyone who might even remotely support his efforts, seems utterly mystified as to why Madore or anyone connected to him such as Figg Engineering on this bridge effort doesn't want to talk to him.

I'll help you with that, Lefty: it's because you reek with hatred and you'll do anything to cripple this effort, no matter what you're told.

So, since you're out to kill this project at any cost and, correspondingly, out to kill most everyone connected to it on a political level, why should anyone talk to you or any of your mini-haters working for you?

I wouldn't.

This community destroyed Lefty's plan to rape us with loot rail, and now Brancacciobels and his leftist winged monkeys are setting about to punish us as a result.

Punish us for opposing the CRC/Loot Rail scam, and punish us for throwing democrat Marc Boldt out of office because he turned a deaf ear to the people he claimed he was serving.

How are they punishing us?

Simple: they offer no alternative to the still very much alive CRC Scam.

And when it comes to any alternative, no matter what or where, they will do everything they can to kill it.

Solve every problem?  FREE?  Fix Cancer as far as bridges go?

None of that matters to our local psychotic, hate driven left.

Like Lefty Lou Brancaccio.  Like the scum at C3G2.

Fortunately for us all, they don't have to communicate with this slimeball.  Nor do they have to govern to this asshole's approval.

And when it comes to this tripe:
Madore and his sidekick, Commissioner Tom Mielke — the M&M boys — should work on building bridges to communicate and stop working on building bridges to nowhere.
Find a mirror and take your own advice, scumbag.

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