Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gotta wonder: is Paul Montague, one of the chief shills for the CRC/Loot Rail Scam...

Working at the Chamber?

We all know Paul... he got fired from Identity Clark County after alienating the local universe with his efforts to jackhammer his project of lies and deceptions through and down our throats... aka the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

I'd heard he'd landed at fellow CRC Liar Kelly Parker's outfit... honor among thieves and all that rot(And how's that stretch as county commissioner working out for you, eh, Ms. Parker?  I heard you were paqcked and ready to go.  EVER so sorry to see you disappointed...) but when you head on over there and check out the "staff" page, why, there's no Montague to be found.

Yet,, when you check this clown out in the PDC's for political donations... what do you find?

Look who Montague's employer is:  "VANC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE."

You don't say.

Yeah, yeah... I know he's trying to get his hate-PAC together... the other two clowns are begging GOP types to join in that exercise in mental masturbation that's raised a grand total of... $100... all of it from Montague himself.

But meanwhile, how is he paying the bills?  And if he's working for fellow CRC Scammer Parker, why ain't his name on the letterhead.... HHHmmmmm????

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ralph said...

Mr. Montague must be tapping into the college fund to support his cause. He no longer appears to generate enough wind to carry forth commentary. That's what happens when you are all blow and show with nothing substantial to back up your claim for center stage. This appears to be a poor cover for getting fired. Mr. Montague just doesn't know when to say uncle and move on.

The reality is that Mr. Montage has never really been a successful self sustaining businessman. You have to give him credit for being a showman. It also helps to have the backing of a little family money in order to give the appearance of success. Good luck with that image thing Paul. Don't spend your whole wad in one place though