Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Super ballot: If I could vote in every Clark County race.

These are limited to contested primaries, as defined by 3 or more candidates running in our top two primary system.

In voter pamphlet order:


Mickey Mouse.

Our current congresswoman has been utterly worthless since she parachuted back here after being gone for 11 years.

Never worked in the private sector, completely RINO in every way, too much of a coward to fight for us on the CRC/loot rail scam and far too much of a dullard to hold open town hall meetings.

It's a shame the local GOP didn't "Boldt" her.  In fact, considering the Boldt scam that got her appointed to the state house, it would have been rather poetic justice.

Dingethal is as much a coward: his refusal to answer my questions for over 200 days concerning his take on the CRC and the repeal of Obamacare disqualifies him as well.

17th District House, Seat 2.

I'd vote for Rockhold, the Libertarian.

I've heard too much disturbing stuff about Harris and his slavish devotion to Stonier and his abandonment of Lynda Wilson means he's got his eye on replacing Benton in the Senate through appointment.

As the highest rated union vote in the GOP caucus, he's got some serious issues to contend with when it comes to getting GOP support.

McClusky is acting like Harris's wingman and isn't serious about running.

18th District House, Seat One.

John Ley gets my support.

First, Brandon Vick had his shot and blew it.  No one I've ever seen in the legislature has mailed it in more than he has.  No one in the 6 years I was there did less.  No one avoided work more.

Second, Mussolini Mikey Briggs is a joke, more at home in representing downtown Seattle than the conservative 18th.

Like the rest of the democrat cowards, he refuses to answer my questions... but he's going to have to, and soon.

A rabid CRC/loot rail scammer, he could give a rat's ass what the people of this district want.  He would ignore us; we will ignore him.

Ley, on the other hand, will work hard for us, he won't mail it in; he's a veteran, a college graduate, articulate and not wishy-washy like Vick who tries too hard to be a Herrera clone.

In the 49th, anyone without a "D" after their name would work for me.

Clark County Sheriff:

I'm going with Atkins.

Not wild about the guy, but he's the only one I can't vote off my island.

Gardner is getting too cute by half in his efforts to get the fringe-left vote without having the guts to say he's a democrat.  Many of those he's attracted represent the worst politics has to offer in Clark County. It would be swell if he were just going to be sheriff of the 49th Soviet, but he's got the whole county. And his failure to tell everyone he';s a democrat doesn't mean he isn't... when, in fact, he is.

Graser hasn't worn a badge, literally, since the last century.

Owens character issues disqualify him.

Clark County PUD.

Bill Hughes is my guy.

Don't know any of the others, but Hughes is the real deal.

Here they are, for better or worse.

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