Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lacking any other alternative, local leftist haters attack East County Bridge plan.

In a campaign season infested by an unusually low quality of Democrat candidates, it's not particularly surprising that they would attack Commissioner David Madore's East County Bridge plan.

Given the incessant yammering of the local daily Democrat newsletter, and the obsession of hate groups such as C3G2, resistance to any plan for anything but for a by Commissioner Madore is likely to run afoul of leftist sensibilities.  Certainly, this bridge project is no exception.

I must admit, that I am the other hand, support this project.

The leftist infesting us however, are bent on resurrecting the hated CRC/loot rail project that is wasted 200 million of our dollars, and would have, had they had their way, wasted billions more…  All while enslaving our commuting public to tolls costing in the neighborhood of $2000 per year to start, with ever-increasing numbers to follow…  All well accomplishing nothing worth billions while aiding in the spread of the hated loot rail system of the financially failing TriMet.

With the temporary death of the CRC, which Democrats at all levels know to not be dead, that did not in the transportation problems facing this community concerning cross-river traffic.

While Republicans explore every Avenue at addressing the problems facing this community when it comes to cross river traffic, Democrats act like petchulant jerks, sitting there pouting with their arms crossed, and offering nothing.

Nothing in the way of vision, nothing in the way of plans, nothing in the way of solutions.

Keeping in mind that it was Democrat intransigence on the issue of loot rail that was the number one cause for the failure of this project to date, it's not surprising that their hurt feelings, anger, and sense of failure that is so well-deserved in their efforts at attempting to ram this project down the throats and wallets of the people of Clark County; it's not surprising then that for the most part, Democrats continue to fail to do the very thing the Democratian claims they are to provide them with some level of political cover: “… moving on.”

Meanwhile, the people of this County continue to suffer…  And suffering is exactly what the Democrats want us to do.

Why do I support this County bridge project?  Essentially, I will support any transportation project that crosses the Columbia River, does not bring light rail into Clark County and if it is to have tolls, have minimal tolls that the people of this community can actually afford.

I will oppose any project that engages in social engineering (which was the precise purpose of the CRC scam) has tolls, light rail and that fails to secure the permission of the electorate of this county.

As I see it, the East County bridge project, is just one in a series of projects that are gonna have to take place to address the issues confronting us when it comes to transportation over the river.  For any County bridge project, now is precisely the best time when it comes to issues of costs and construction for purposes of clearing out property in condemning property in all of the other aspects of major project administration before these County area where this bridge is projected to be located actually becomes a highly populated area.

And in a relatively short time, we all know, that with population growth the area around 192nd in fact, will, become packed with a level of urban density not unlike that of the city of Vancouver proper.

This is a project that is being handled, in my opinion; in a way that project should be handled.  Unlike the whiners of the past, including my own brother-in-law former Commissioner Marc Boldt, I am not one who ascribes to the so-called "…  Are we to put everything on the ballot for the voter’s approval?" school of thought.  But I do believe the projects of this magnitude that are going to be such a huge hit on the taxpayers wallet should in fact get the approval of the people that backers purport to serve.

This project does that.  The project would be built, without tolls, and only after the approval of the voting public of Clark County.

Of course, the CRC would've been dead a decade ago, had the downtown Mafia shilling this crap actually asked us.  The specter of $100 million a year to start being sucked out of our local economy to pay for tolls combined with the hated light rail which is being brought over here to help bail out the bankrupt TriMet system was simply too much of a gorilla in the room for the voters of Clark County to overlook.

Those vested in this project and those shilling it however ignored the people, and to ignore the people is to do so at your own peril.

There will be other projects forthcoming.  Certainly, we need additional bridges on the West side of Vancouver.  For example a bridge system and ultimately would wind up with the terminus somewhere in the vicinity of Hillsboro.

But the Democrats stubbornly insist on their way or no way.  It has become increasingly clear, that they fantasize about retaking the Senate and as a result ramming the necessary hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes down our throats to restart the abortive CRC/light rail project.

They know that this is politically dangerous, as illustrated in yesterday's to-be-expected endorsement of fellow fringe leftist whack job representative Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

"Before its demise, Mueller support of the Columbia River Crossing project to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge, but he recognizes the need to move forward."

Something approaching a journalist, at this point, would've asked the following simple and obvious question: So, Representative Moeller, I get that you claim you want to "move on."  What does that look like to you?  What alternative to the CRC do you have time offer?

Since the Democrat in his in on the scam, based on the fact that they've rabidly supported this rip off for the last decade, that kind of question is not only not going to be asked of Moeller it's not good to be asked of any Democrat running for office.

For the Democratian, they look at the situation and asked themselves: "why should we ask them a question when we already know the answer?"

And that's the thing.  When it comes to this plan for bridge, or any other plan for bridge, you can expect the fringe left nutters like Moeller and brakes and Winningham to merely stand on the sidelines and criticize…  All well offering absolutely nothing as an alternative.

My criterion for projects support is simple:

First and foremost, whatever the project is, the people of this County must approve it at the polls.  Certainly the hate group types like C3G2 won't have any problem with that, will they? After all, look at how rabidly they supported the will of the people when it came to the issue of a firework ban. 

They're not going to be a group of rank hypocrites and concern themselves with the will of the people only on a firework ban…  Will they?

So yes.  I support this County bridge project...  As I will support any project that addresses in real terms for the money our cross-river transportation problems of congestion, freight mobility, and safety.

I will oppose any project that brings the hated light rail into Vancouver or anywhere else in Clark County, I will oppose any project that is so-called "light rail ready," because of such a bridge were in fact built, the hammering taupe and the light rail system on it would be unending and incessant.  They would become the local Chinese water torture of politics.

Now, I appreciate the fact that the Democrats are keeping the CRC alive.  They don't want us to believe that they're keeping alive, because once that idea worms its way into the public consciousness, they be lucky to get anyone elected for third grade hall monitor.

But it doesn't take a genius to figure out that with their complete lack of the presentation of any alternatives to the East County Bridge, that they continue to operate under the impression that the CRC is alive and well…  Just merely in a dormant state.

And while the leftists infesting us will in fact, rabidly attack Madore plan if for no other reason than the fact that it is the "Madore plan," they will continue to maintain their silence on any alternative to the CRC.

And the reasons for that are becoming increasingly obvious, as they believe in likelihood that they will retake the Senate and ram this crap down our throats…  Which is part and parcel of why Democrats must be defeated at the polls at every level here locally.

The defeat of that moron Pridemore for example, would result in the commissioner’s ability to exercise their block veto on the C Tran scam commission.  The defeat of Democrats in the legislature would make it less likely that funding for this nightmare can ever be cobbled together.

As it is now, Democrats are not even going through the motions of coming up with alternatives, and in fact have criticized every effort, every exploration, of any such development of viable alternatives for Clark County.

As a result, anyone running for office that his support of the CRC scam in the past regardless of party has earned my ongoing opposition for any effort at elective office.


Jack Buckmeir said...

it's time for some of the local Leftists to go to jail, in fact, it's way past time.

Jack Buckmeir said...

it all depends on how stupid the voters of clark county want to be - they don't call this place
"Vantucky" for nothing