Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rag celebrates massive business growth in Clark County: avoids any mention of the "why."

The rag points out today that business is booming in Clark County.

And it appears to be: new housing appears to once again be popping up all over the county: 119th's multiple housing units are exploding, finally, and the housing market is regaining its pre-bubble form.

What was missing from the babble?

Any discussion of the "why" of it.

The fringe-leftists such as Molehill Moeller and Mussolini Mikey Briggs have been sniveling, literally for years, that failing to implement the CRC Scam would turn Clark County into a business version of an old west ghost town.

That kind of self-delusion, typical of a fringe-leftist, is now thoroughly disproven: business growth is exploding in Clark County as businesses move across the river and from other locations around the country.

To the haters, such as those infesting the C3G2 hate group, what the conservative commissioners have done to improve the business climate here is meaningless and remains harmful, figures to the contrary notwithstanding.

To the rest of us, in politics when bad things happen, those in charge get the blame... and when good things happen, those in charge get the credit.

Unless you're a leftist: under those circumstances, if you're to the right of Mao you get the blame regardless of fault, and you get no credit regardless of outcomes.

I tend to apply the same standard across the board:  It's difficult to find examples of where the left's "detroitization" of this country has borne fruit, but where they are in charge, they should get credit for it.

Just like the opposite.

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