Thursday, July 24, 2014

Payment for failing us on the CRC Scam: Herrera gets more campaign pieces using her political accessory daughter in the democratian.

Readers know that I have the utmost contempt for our cardboard cutout of a congresswoman.  Her incessant use of her own daughter as a political accessory just deepens that disdain with every press release.

The only thing more despicable is Lefty Lou's incessant yammering, second only to his obsession over Commissioner Madore, in wearing out kneepads in front of her because Herrera favored and worked towards getting the hated CRC/Loot Rail project built... her years in office resulting in zero legislation to kill it.

And that's the problem.

When you're a coward like Herrera, when you lack the guts to face your constituents, when you fail to keep us all informed as to your positions on the major issues confronting us, when you vote to cut veteran's retirement and disability, among other things and when you use your child as a political prop... that puts you in the "despicable" category, not the "electable" category.

If only Herrera fought for us as hard as she's jammed her daughter down our throats as if that unfortunate child represents any reason to vote for her.


Boehner lauds doctor who saved Herrera Beutler's baby

WASHINGTON — In a break from his chamber's often acrid political divisions, a choked-up House Speaker John Boehner prompted two bipartisan standing ovations on Wednesday when he praised the doctor who helped a congresswoman's infant survive a rare fetal condition.
Last cycle, I voted for the democrat, Haugen. This year, Mickey Mouse is getting the nod.

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