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Political impacts locally of the worst presidency the United States has ever known.

Today represents another in the series of days and it sucks to be affiliated with the Democrat party.

Eerily reminiscent of 1994's political races, headlines today include "Even in liberal Northern Virginia, Dems Flee Obama."

Across the country, more and more, when the disaster known as President Obama makes a public appearance, he makes it without local Democrats at his side.
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Even in Liberal Northern Virginia, Dems Flee Obama 
9:01 AM, Jul 16, 2014 • By MICHAEL WARREN 
Obama McLean
President Barack Obama delivers remarks in 
McLean, Virginia on July 15, 2014.

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With Barack Obama's job approval well below water these days, perhaps it's no surprise that Democratic candidates for Congress this year aren't jumping at the chance to have the president come campaign for them. Dave Weigel at Slate points out how remarkable it was last week when Democratic senator Mark Udall of Colorado declined to appear with Obama, despite the fact that the president won Colorado twice. 
"Members of the White House political team will grit their teeth and ask low-level campaign staffers if, you know, it would be OK for the commander-in-chief to show up," Weigel writes. "They will be told to call back in a few days. Often, they will be told, 'No thanks, but send money.'" 
Now comes the news that even in Northern Virginia, the liberal region outside of Washington that's transformed the Old Dominion into a blue state, Democrats are shying away from Obama. The president appeared in McLean in Fairfax County (60 percent support for Obama in 2008 and 2012) on Tuesday to call for action on extending the federal Highway Trust Fund. But where was the Democrat running for McLean's open House seat? John Foust is a member of the Fairfax County board of supervisors and lives in McLean, but the Democrat and House hopeful was "noticeably absent" from the Obama transportation event. One Virginia-based blogger has more:
    Noticeably absent was John Foust, Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District where McLean is located. This despite sitting on numerous transportation boards as a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and voicing strong support for just about every policy Obama has put forth. 
    So why would Obama’s would-be rubberstamp avoid a choice photo opportunity?
Perhaps, the blogger suggests, Foust was avoiding any embarrassment over the news Foust's wife, an OB-GYN, doesn't accept Medicaid at her practice. The Washington Free Beacon first reported this, noting that Foust himself frequently criticizes his Republican opponent, state delegate Barbara Comstock, for opposing the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. 
Foust and Comstock are both vying for the seat currently held by retiring Republican Frank Wolf, a longtime congressman for whom Comstock once worked.

For the GOP, Obama is the gift that keeps on giving.  He makes what should be even simple democrat holds more competitive for the Right, and his own party is becoming increasingly sick of being forced act like lemmings has he hurtles both this country and his own political party off the Cliff like so many millions of lemmings meeting their untimely demise every year.

I will not take this opportunity To list the many and varied ways that the president has become both a drag on this country and of his own party. These are well known, and it would serve no purpose here.

The question then, is what impact locally will this agonizing, Never ending train wreck have on our elections.

For the local fringe left nutters, such as the C3G2 hate group, this will make no difference at all.

But fortunately for this country, the fringe left is offset by a fringe right. Politics should never be motivated by hatred, or political bigotry, such as the variety frequently shown by our local leftists.  To that end, the disaster that is Barack Obama will make no difference whatsoever to the local leftist group.

Fortunately, for most here locally, hatred is not what drives them politically.

Hatred drives our daily newspaper, and all things they do politically. They attempt to use of diminishing position to blackmail politicians generally and politicians of the Republican variety into accepting their positions. Fortunately for us all, the local daily has little to no power and what they may or may not want is only of consequence to increasingly smaller percentage of our population.

Were this not the case, for example, we would still have Commissioner Boldt and we would certainly have Commissioner Tanner.  Construction also would've started on the horrific CRC/loot rail project they shilled for more than a decade… And while the CRC project continues to be very much alive in the background, successful GOP efforts to kill that project again show the weakness of the local cardboard cutout of a daily newspaper.

That we have neither the commissioners they wanted nor the bridge project they wasted so much money on speaks to the complete lack of ability the newspaper has to manipulate outcomes.

Local militant leftists live in a cocoon that enables them to engage in such rank hypocrisy that they forget that people pay attention. When one engages in hypocrisy over major issues confronting our local populace, the outcome will typically be uniformly bad for those who live by that practice.

As a result, I predict that the democrat turnout countywide will be abysmal, both in the primary and the general.

I predict that such will be the fallout across the country based on the ripple effect of the most abysmal presidency this nation has ever known.

When combined with perhaps the most worthless Governor our state has ever Scene, with the lack of statewide elections, and a lack of competitive countywide elections, there is little to no reason for democrat turnout to rise above the bare substantive floor that the local C3G2 hate group represents.

As the United States continues to circle the drain, and as the people of this country are becoming increasingly convinced that the one who pulled out the stopper is named Obama with the assistance of his democrat minions, it will become increasingly difficult for democrats to maintain their power anywhere in the country. It may even become more difficult in the state of Washington.

More and more people are wising up. The resemblance to 1994 in attitude and an fallout from Democrat missteps is quite compelling.

Perhaps, we will even again see another losing congressional incumbent such as we saw our own Jolene Unseold, when, having been trounced by Linda Smith on the night of the worst political massacre of the last century, she said: "the winds of hate have swept the land."

I use the general election of 1994 as a guide here, because the depth and breadth of the disaster for the Democrats appears to be shaping up along the same lines in this election.

And this is where I remind many that the outcomes even in the state of Washington reverberated for several years. Newt Gingrich took control of the House and Bob Dole took control of the Senate. In Washington, Republicans took control of both the House and the Senate with a huge swing and Republican seats going to something on the order of 60 in the house for the session that began in January of 1995.

Next, my predictions for the outcome of the local elections.

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