Thursday, July 03, 2014

MORE hatred from the C3G2 hate group?

It really must suck for the them that their only reason for being has had enough of their hate and is working to shut them off from hijacking his agenda.

One of those slime suggested striking Commissioner Madore in the head with a 2X4 because Madore made the same decision to ban the scum from C3G2 on his private facebook page that they had made to ban him as one of their policies on THEIR private facebook page.

That's the kind of hypocrisy that shows they can dish it out, but the can't take it.

Cowards, as far as that goes, rarely can.

Their name babbles about "good governance" when it is nothing more nor less than fringe-left hate.  And here's the latest snapped up by Lew Waters:

These scum have no more right to confront Madore for implementing their own action against them than he does.  But I, for one, would certainly hope they try something so that Commissioner Madore has them banned from public meetings where he is attending... or, perhaps, gets a restraining order against these scum.

This is why I believe Madore should implement the Vancouver City policy these same scumbags supported so strongly when it was aimed at David.  That way, as soon as the commission's work is done, if these scum get out of line Tom can just adjourn the meeting.

And, of course, if they attempt to disrupt the meeting BEFORE citizen comment, then he can just have them arrested.

Simple, really.


Lew Waters said...

I can't help but recall the effort of Liar Leavitt, with the full support of the Lazy C, to cut to mic at city council meetings because people kept showing up to speak against the CRC rip-off.

And over these clowns now?


I guess that could be because it is none other than Lefty Lou that continues to whip up a lynch mob mentality to do this sort of hate inspired nonsense.

Just a guy said...

Being of the more hypocritical leftist slime, they'd vaporlock if Madore implemented the Leave-it plan. But that would be worth watching.