Sunday, July 20, 2014

Congrats to the Hillsboro Hops: first half champs!

As a rabid Hops supporter (Going to yet another game next Sunday... our 3rd so far this year)  who stills thanks God every day this community wasn't ripped off for their stadium, I'm pleased to announce they are the first half champions in their division!

I urge anyone reading this to get tickets ($16 is about as expensive as they get) in their new, state of the arty minor league facility which cost them $5 million or so less than our planned rip off and hold over 1000 more fans!

Everything in the stadium is spendy, however, so be warned and eat somewhere else before you get there.  Prices for stuff in there is a little higher than movie-theater cost.

But it's FUN!

I look forward to several more years of baseball fun!

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