Tuesday, June 03, 2014

In the Sheriff's race, it seems like Atkins by default.

At this point, it all seems to be a matter of degree.

I'd already eliminated two from my consideration (Ed Owens (Get your 11-year-old stepdaughter to take the fall for the death of your 3 year old who shot himself with YOUR gun?  Really?) and John Graser, who has been out of the LE biz for some 16 years and seems to be looking for a pension bump.)

That leaves Shane Gardner and Chuck Atkins.

I've never met Shane Gardner.  I was leaning his way until I happened to be at a local business where he was holding a fundraiser and I had a chance to observe a couple of his supporters.

The problem I'm having is, we're told, you can tell a lot about a candidate by those drawn to them as supporters.

We're told that... right, Lefty?

So, the first warning sign I see is Jim Mains.

Mains is the mastermind behind Marc Boldt's utterly abysmal commissioner campaign in 2012.  Among other things I'm told is that Mains, explaining my opposition to my brother-in-laws re-election, claimed that David Madore was actually paying me to oppose Marc on this blog.

Of course, Mains, to the best of my knowledge, has never uttered a word to me and certainly never called me to ask that.  But it provided an explanation that he believed would cast Marc Boldt in the best possible light and me in the worst.

That it wasn't even remotely true made no difference.

Combine that with the fact that Mains is one of the fringe-left haters who foisted the charter scam on us that he's using to undo the voice of the people, shouted so loud in the November 2012 election, and that he was a big time CRC Scammer... and, well, that's a deal-breaker right there.

Add to that the list of other well-known fringe leftists and in most cases, CRC Scammers... Galina Burley, Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Noland Hoshino, Nelson Holmberg, Bart Hansen, Larry Smith, Alicia Topper, Ty Stober, Dean Sutherland, Deb Wallace and the like and, well, frankly... I don't want him elected to dogcatcher. There are others that concern me on that list... but these scream as reasons to not only vote against him, but to scream out loud while doing it.

And that leaves Atkins.

I don't care about the fact that it seems everyone with a badge who's ever lived endorses this guy.  He's been at the executive level in the CCSO for quite awhile now, so such a claim is not particularly impactful to me: that's the nature of politics.

But so far, I can't find anything that rises to the level of a reason not to vote for him. At this point, for me, he's the only one I haven't been able to vote off the island.

Time will tell, of course... but right now, he looks like the guy.

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