Thursday, June 05, 2014

Cleveland confused on the bridge effort? When isn't she?

So, someone emailed me the democratian piece on the Bi-State Bridge Coalition. All and all, it wasn't that bad an article, even if the rag insists on lying, calling it a "new coalition to discuss an Interstate 5 bridge replacement project," when it is, in fact, no such thing.

Not surprisingly, Vancouver's dimbulb Senator, Annette Cleveland, shows both her stupidity and the fact that her only involvement will  be to try and stop any progress on ANY project that isn't spelled "CRC."

Sen. Annette Cleveland, D-Vancouver, echoed Beyer's sentiments, noting she was "confused about the process that's going to be followed." 
Cleveland added: "I will go to a second meeting if it's clear there will be possible solutions put forward for discussion. I don't have an interest in continuing to go round and round and talk about all manner of possibilities. I wasn't clear today whether there is even a common goal … There was talk of third bridges and other things. I'm not really clear what our aim is yet."
Where are HER "solutions?"  And that's the problem: like most CRC Scammers, she doesn't have any.  She wants others to offer ideas so she can sit back and pick them apart, all without offering anything that'll work on her own. 

Cleveland?  Confused?  

She wouldn't know if it were daylight or dark out if she were in the park.

"Confused" should be her middle name, because without Patty Murray's hand up the middle of her back like one of Jeff Dunham's puppets, she's utterly clueless.

You remember, don't you?  Cleveland was the moron who kept hoping from foot to foot, claiming on multiple occasions that the leftists "had the 25th vote" needed to fund the $450 million the scammers wanted steal from the taxpayers of this state.  That idiot?

Well, I don't believe that Cleveland should be allowed back in.  Clearly, her only mission in life is to kill any effort to build any other project anywhere but to replace the I-5 Bridge complete with the hated light rail. Because if it were she wouldn't be showing her ignorance, she'd be coming up with innovative ideas to address the issues instead of reveling in the fact she got her butt kicked by Ann "The Bridge Killer" Rivers.  Those involved should be looking at solutions... not whining like a punk.

But solutions are not what she's about.  Like every other CRC Scammer, she's moronic enough to actually think that it's going to be her way... or no way.

Well, here's the thing: she can either hop on the train or get run over by it.

Meanwhile, thanks go to Sen. Ann Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike who have been fighting this scam since they took office; who were ultimately successful in representing me and my district, and who are doing us proud by reaching out to Oregon to make this a true joint effort where the people are actually involved and what we say will actually matter... unlike the rabid effort to ignore the people so favored by Cleveland and her ilk.

Additional bridges are going to be built.  Tearing down the I-5 Bridge and replacing it is NOT one of the options on the table, nor is light rail, nor should it be.  The fringe-left whack jobs who insist on ignoring that are examples of how to be a leftist requires a level of stupidity that few can successfully achieve.  That's why the best the dems can do are slimeballs like Pridemore, Briggs and Losingham.

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Pete Masterson said...

You've gotten it exactly right. The LAST thing that Clark County needs is a replacement for the Interstate Bridge. It's "functionally obsolete" simply because it is an old design that does not have the shoulders that a modern bridge design would have. It is NOT unsafe or in need of replacement due to physical deterioration. As for the Interstate bridge, there are proposals (of relatively modest cost) involving making changes to the RAILROAD bridge to make better use of the higher section of the Interstate bridge to eliminate some of the span raises for moderate-sized ships. That should be given study and advanced if it would reduce road interruptions.

What Clark County needs is another "third" crossing. Personally It doesn't much bother me where such a crossing should be -- but it seems like something west of the Interstate bridge might take load off I-5 ... and could connect to US30/I405 on the Oregon side. But a bridge to the east could also make good sense and cut some of the traffic loads on the Clark County side of the River.

Most of the problems with the congestion actually occur on the Oregon side, where there are several poorly planned interchanges that generate excess congestion (including a major on-ramp to northbound I-5 just before the Interstate bridge). Often, the realities of building high capacity highways within the confines of a city result in very unfortunate compromises -- and that is an issue that our Oregon neighbors will simply have to work out for themselves.

PS. I'm a recent escapee from California where I lived and commuted in the SF Bay Area. I know what congested traffic is -- and I've seen plenty of politically challenging road building projects that ended up causing more congestion due to a failure of political will to do the correct thing in stead of the politically convenient thing.

I also observed the arrival and development of BART -- and I can tell you that BART is no panacea for commute hour congestion -- and with the lower traffic counts of SW Washington/Portland -- that TriMet would have, at most, negligible impact on traffic. (Busses will do just fine for years to come ... and are more appropriate for Clark County which has relatively low density development and traffic patterns that are still evolving.