Thursday, June 05, 2014

Bully Loserham continues to lie.

I don't know for sure, but are psychotic tendencies the kind of thing we want in a state representative?  What else are we supposed to conclude from this lying scum?

Look: I get that Loserham's campaign is going nowhere.  I get that she's frustrated and broke.  I get that what little money she has raised has been from outside the district.  I get that she lies about everything including the weather.  I get that earned media like today's democratian is roughly the same thing as a puff-piece mailer for Rep. Pike in the 18th District.  I get that you get pissed off that all you can do is stand around and whine like this.  I get all of that.

I get that front page, above the fold earned media like this amounts to a campaign puff piece in the 18th District, and all Bully can do is whine about it.
But when Bully degrades another woman by referring to her "handlers" as if she can't think for herself while remaining silent in the face of the idiocy from the Sock Pupper Senator, Cleveland?  Why, that's like lying about the lack of any traffic lights in Bangalore... or, for that matter, lying about Bangalore's population history.

Like here, where Bully talks about training the people for thousands of outsourced jobs in India, specifically, Bangalore... and then proceeds to lie about the conditions and history of that fabled city, and not just a little bit, at around the 6 minute mark of her goat rope diatribe that bored the other democrats silly?(Props to Lew Waters for the video) :

Here's the thing, Bully.  Unlike you, Liz is about solutions.  You're about obstructionism if you don't get your way... the fringe-left way... the union way.... the light rail way.

And, of course, you wouldn't know "leadership" if it bit you in your wide-glide.

You want to know when Liz will "think of the people she represents?"  Every single thing Liz does is for the people of this district.




Meanwhile, when will Bully stop being a clueless, fringe-left whack job?

And what's BUL:LY's solution?  How, besides resurrecting the loser, dead CRC/loot rail Scam, would BULLY address our transportation problems?

Odd.  Haven't been able to find that anywhere.  And that's because she's got no clue beyond that her handlers are attempting to ram down OUR throats, will of the people be damned.

Now, I get that Bully's campaign is going nowhere.  But to be reduced to lies?

Bully claims that "Liz lacks leadership."

Obviously not true, but the kind of thing a desperate leftist would say.

On the other hand, Bully lacks a shred of integrity and veracity.  She lies like she breathes.  She's reduced to this kind of garbage because she knows this earned media is making her more and more irrelevant.  So, all she can do is double down on her psycho meme.

Of course, this is the picture caption that the democratian uses to shill this tripe, and if Loserham could actually read, she would have read this:
It was not, however, a meeting to "revive the Columbia River Crossing," said Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, one of the lawmakers spearheading the so-called Bi-State Bridge Coalition.
Apparently, reading comprehension isn't very big on Loserham's list.

And, of course, Loserham's lie that Liz "is for the bridge" is just that: another in the series of lies that seem to roll off her tongue with a frightening ease.

Liz is against the CRC Scam./  She has ALWAYS been against the CRC Scam.  She is OPPOSED to replacing the I-5 Bridge, particularly with light rail and especially without 2 other additional bridges first.

Furthermore, the people of this district know that, unlike you, Liz battled to keep this idiocy from being built and raping the people of this county for the next 45 plus years, all while you sat around and did nothing.

Additional bridges in other locations will be built, moron.  But the I-5 Bridge will be standing long after we're both gone.

Now, don't misunderstand me, Bully,.  I get that the fringe-left and the unions own you like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.  But if YOU want to represent the people of THIS district instead of being an extension of the Vancouver Soviet, then you need to knock off the lying POG meme.

It's getting tiresome. 

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