Friday, May 02, 2014

Looking forward to the Tesoro Oil Terminal.

I'm watching with interest the ongoing development of the Tesoro project, a rather inexorable project that is driving the loony left to the loony bin.

Local fringe-left nutters are engaging in something of a turbo-charged anti-WalMart campaign here.  And while I'll be the first to admit that the lack of credible local advice on how to sell this effort makes Tesoro look rather, well, stupid; the fringe-left nutters have failed to provide ANY compelling reason not to go forward with this project.

Local fringe-left nutters take unsupportable positions all the time... every day.  That they take a position based on how they "feel" instead of reality?

Well, that's the difference between emotional political positions, where the worst outcome is fantasized as likely happening (If they build this terminal, there WILL be disaster!) versus the likelihood that these issues will not happen, and that even if they did, damage is likely to be minimal.

It's simple, really: none of those with wadded up panties should ever fly anywhere: after all, how many planes have crashed?

And they certainly should never travel in a motor vehicle: for two obvious reasons.  First, said vehicles are powered by their hated oil.  Can't be hypocrites now, can we?

And second, hundreds of thousands of people over the years have been killed and millions injured in car wrecks.  Certainly, at least a few more than those killed or injured because of oil trains derailing, etc.

Those peeing their collective pants over all of this ignore those realities, of course.  That's what hypocrites do.

Those engaging in that hysteria, combined with the fact that a developer has Tim "The Liar" leave-it's testicles in a jar by his coffee pot at home, results in these idiotic, unsupportable, emotional and irrelevant objections.

The additional hypocrisy?

You remember these same clowns shilling the CRC Scam, claiming that it would create jobs, among other things.  Well, what about the jobs the construction and operation of this terminal would create?

The union construction jobs to build it and run it?

Oddly, these same dweebs have nothing to say about that.

Tesoro: build the damned thing.  Fire up your lawyers and get this show on the road.  When that moron governor of ours denies your request, it won't be because you shouldn't build it: it will be, instead, because of the politics of it and that denial would never withstand a court challenge.

So, blow through these easy manipulated, thoughtless drones and get this thing built.

Their chicken-little, "the sky is falling" approach is going nowhere.  And this loud micro-minority of chickens running around with their collective heads cut off may be a reason to laugh at their antics, but it's no reason to pass on this project.

Jon Alldritt nailed it with uber fringe-left whack job, Fran Hammond:


And memo to Tesoro:  Your clueless handling of local interests should result in a great many people with big titles getting fired.


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