Thursday, May 01, 2014

Another big problem for Bully: no local money.

As I write this, Bully Winningham can't seem to get any local money.

It's tough, I know: she can't even get the WEA endorsement that Mussolini Mikey picked up in one day.

Add to that her little local problem: of her 20 donations... a whole 5 of them are from within Washington State... and maybe 3 of them are from within the district.

It's a sign of non-viability.

Looking at, for example, Lynda Wilson's PDC's (GOP candidate running against Monica Stonier), one finds that first, she's received 90 donations.  And 84 of them are from within this state.

Of course, Wilson has raised roughly 4 times as much money as Bully.  And she raised quite a bit tonite at her fund raiser with several MORE donations which will certainly push her over the 100 level and, perhaps, $40,000.

That is the difference between a living, breathing, growing campaign... and a shriveling, dying, meaningless effort.

And how sad is that?

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