Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Impressions of the Battle Ground WalMart.

What's problematic here is the mistake that many stores make; they attempt to be all things to all people.

First, as a Winco-aphile, that company shouldn't lose any sleep over WalMart groceries.  The prices are competitive but the selection seems to be substantially smaller.  Where Winco has multiple boxes of fruit, WalMart will have one, making it much more labor-intensive to keep the smaller fruit and vegetable sections full.

The meat section was much smaller, although the prices seemed to be roughly the same.  There appeared to me to be an almost tiny selection relative to Winco.

And, essentially, that sums up the new facility.

While it looks huge, for what I need there it's actually smaller and apparently does not have an automotive center... fewer options are available for what I likely need.

And, they've got a Subway in there instead of a McDonalds.

The result is that, except for a select few items (Oil and filters and the like) I don't anticipate going there.

It's not bad.  But it's not great, either.

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