Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Frank Decker swings by: we chat.

Decker: Abysmal? A subjective analysis at best.
CCP:  Actually, having been in politics at all levels for the past 26 years, I would say that while it may comfort you to believe that it was subjective, I would say it's somewhat more professional. In that regard, the outcome speaks for itself. "Crushed" at the polls typically equates to "abysmal."
But then, wasn't it you sitting across the table from me at lunch telling me that I was running a great campaign for a first timer?
And early on, you were. But then, you started posting vacation pictures on your facebook page which meant you weren't taking it seriously... and that began to show.

Your only hope was to work every waking moment on your campaign. Anything less would result in your, well, crushing defeat.

You mailed it in. The voters responded to that, and...
Of course, that was before you knew I was a "Paulbot".
The voters responded as they did after they found out as well. And who am I to dispute their judgment?
But, I got over that campaign long ago, you should probably do the same.
"Long ago?" "Long" hasn't elapsed since you were clobbered at the polls.

Hopefully, you didn't just "get over it." You should have learned from it, internalized from it, asked yourself what when wrong with it.

Clearly, you haven't.
Let's focus on the issue here.
Feel free to start your own blog.
Let's focus on the question Lew refuses to address--the changes to the CCGOP bylaws after the so-called Paulbot take over of the party.
That, of course, is up to Lew. I've known him for years and read him even longer. I don't care about the CCGOP bylaws. The Nazi's made everything they did legal as well.

In THIS instance, Berrigan's insistence that this effort not be forwarded or discussed goes to the heart of... and the motives of... this Paulbot effort.
If you both assert that the current leadership is no better than the last then shouldn't the changes to the bylaws reflect that?
Not particularly. The bylaws are irrelevant to the issue at hand. There is only one measure that makes any difference: are there more GOP in office now than there was when the Bots took over?

Well... do we?

Does today's version of the local party have the balls to act against Herrera like the last regime acted against Boldt?

No. They don't. Thus the result that the local party in it's entirety is no better than the last version based on the ONLY measure that matters:

'Should they not reflect an even greater concentration of power with the board and less with the PCO's?
As I pointed out: irrelevant. The ONLY purpose of the local party is to assist in the election of GOP candidates and to keep those candidates focused on GOP tenets.

Anything else is a waste of time, effort, energy and money.
And yet, just the opposite is true.
Here, I can't disagree. Just the opposite of the reason for the CCGOP's existence IS true.

And please avoid your efforts to be disingenuous.

The point of the Paulbot take over is to further the aims of those who are part of the Paulbot cult.
If you can think for yourself as you claim, then start doing just that.
Done and done. Conclusions remain unfettered by efforts to deflect; smoke and mirrors optics like those laid out in Berrigan's email plan.
Try and see past your Paulophobia and look at this local issue objectively.
My objectivity is why I joined with Lew in calling this stupidity out. And nothing you've written here changes any of that. Your reeking superiority based on your political allegiance just strengthens my resolve to call this crap out every time and every where I see it.


That was Frank Decker's last byte at the apple, so to speak.


Lew Waters said...

Sorely disappointed in that young man, Paulbot or not.

My apologies to Anne McEnerny Ogle for supporting him.

svxr8dr said...

LEG's being LEG's

Anonymous said...

Kelly you (and I assume Lew) indicate your intention to "call this kind of crap out any time you see it." Yet, I have seen not one word about previous CCRP board members using their religious affiliation to swing the 2012 vote against activist PCOs they didn't like, replacing them with do-nothings.

Maybe I missed it, or did those actions not fit your "paulbot" meme?

Just a guy said...

Here's the thing: I was one of the PCO's the bots trashed because I wasn't... something. I've been falsely labeled "establishment" when I've been busting caps in the establishment's ass for a decade.

I only write about what I know about. I have yet to see any proof of your allegation: provide me with the email sent out to all the PCO candidates telling those they wanted to keep the job to call up the opposition and tell them to get out, and I'll be happy to publish it as well.

But at the end of the day, in 2012 *I* was a PaulBot target. And this time, in 2014, they were stupid enough to put it in writing.

The local GOP only has one job: getting Republicans elected. Failing to pass the bot litmus test should not disqualify anyone from running for the job... bot excuses to the contrary... and efforts to keep the effort secret... notwithstanding.