Friday, April 11, 2014

When fringe left nutters are delusional: Chapter One.

Was checking out the neo-communist hate site, C3G2 this am when I discovered this idiocy:

Let's see what a "handful of votes" looks like, shall we?

Tom Mielke, outspent by Joe Tanner some 8 to 1:  91,139

Joe Tanner, all the money, all the special interest's endorsements: 84,859

David Madore, who outspent Boldt by around 3 to 1:  84,352

Marc Boldt, all the democrat endorsements (Naturally, since he is a democrat) and all the downtown special  interests endorsements: 70,521 votes.

So, Democrat Tanner lost by 6300 votes or so.  Democrat Boldt lost by 13,800 votes.

And in the stilted mind on display above... that somehow equates to a "handful."

Precisely what planet are these haters on, anyway?

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