Friday, April 18, 2014

Update on non-viable campaigns - Still looks abysmal for local leftist fund raising.

Local leftists are in a bad way if they're a challenge candidate.

Everyone from Dingethal to the M&M Twins are scraping the bottom of the barrel... not only on their political positions and their long-established cowardice in failing to answer questions, but in everything from their facebook page views to their inability to raise money.

Posts below detail the abysmal, disheartening figures for Dingethal, who, no matter what his messaging may be, lacks the wherewithal to put it out there and seems to lack any understanding of how powerful social media can actually be.

The M&M Twins are failing at the same time in every way.

Briggs has been an announced candidate since January 21.

In all that time, he has raised a total of $2075 over about 13 weeks... almost half of that from one democrat front group, IBEW 48.  And frankly,  $160 a week between now and the primary won't even pay for his campaign's wake.

Bully Winningham hasn't done a lot better.

While she's raised $5700, she's only raised $1150 from our entire STATE... and the biggest chunk of that appears to be coming from family members... $3800 from Rhode Island.

Do they get it yet?

And these horrific numbers are in an uncontested primary situation.

By now, then non-incumbent Ann Rivers in a 6 way primary had put together $21,140.

In the prior 3 weeks, she had raised around $6000.

Neither of the M&M Twins can come close.

Election night in November stands to be an absolute hoot.  Right now... I actually pity these three, stuffed into the democrat meat grinder in a place they do not comprehend in an effort that is going to end very, very badly for them.

Don't misunderstand me: I expect they'll get a few more dollars from the fringe-left groups like the IBEW; after all, those groups have their fangs sunk deep into the rank and file's jugular so wasting a few thousand dollars is nothing for them... and besides, it keeps up appearances.

This is even painful to look at. 

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