Saturday, April 19, 2014

Never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity, will the GOP take the US Senate and if they do, then what?

So now, the buzz is it there that, at least in the Senate, it will be a leftist slaughter of epic proportions. 

Politically, Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, South Dakota and West Virginia are supposed to be in play.  Now, according to McClatchy, Michigan, New Hampshire, Iowa and Colorado can be added to that list.

I don't have a great deal of faith in that prognostication.  The GOP has done little to nothing to resolve the issues that hurt them so badly in 2012: no noticeable development of my requested full-time, year-round, minority outreach; nothing on the GOTV effort that failed us so miserably in the last election in Vancouver... a microcosm of the national collapse of that effort in the last cycle.

But then, the question for me remains: so what?

What difference will it make?

We felt the same way about what has turned out to be an utterly worthless GOP takeover of the House. And what difference has THAT made?

Trillions in additional debt.  Abysmal failures of investigations into the obvious corruption of the Empty Suit's administration.  Caving on his social experiments with the military, soon to be granting illegal alien law-breakers amnesty, approving trillions more in debt, allowing our military to be gutted.

My question: what are they going to do FOR us... instead of TO us?

Knowing the lack of intellect and ability on the part of our local representative to that august body; I suppose it was far too much to hope for that they'd ever change from the group who, unlike the democrats, want us to stroll off the cliff into bankruptcy and the subsequent fiscal carnage.

The democrats want to catapult us off that cliff right now.

Unfortunately, the outcome is the same: the only difference is the means as to how that is achieved.

The GOP shies away from political combat.  They don't like to lower themselves to the base level of a Jim Moeller.  They want it all clean and above board, exhibiting weakness every foot of the way.

The left is well aware of that.
"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way" Attributed to Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley. the Duke of Wellington 
Every time the GOP draws a line in the sand of some sort, the left just laughs.  They know the GOP lacks the guts to do what has to be done, instead preferring the science of political expediency over the reality of political character.

Which begs the question: how will it matter if the GOP DOES take the senate?

What will be different?  How will anything change?

Will they do anything to roll back the damage this clown has caused?  Will the trillions in debt the GOP approved magically disappear?  Will the almost $300 billion a year in interest payments on the debt THEY approved suddenly vanish?

Will they have the guts to do the will of the people and roll back the horrific scam of Obamacare?

GOP control of the House doesn't seem to have made any particular difference then when the democrats controlled it.  Why would GOP control of the senate be any different? 

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