Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reiterating my opposition to Jeb Bush or any other illegal alien amnesty advocate.

Illegal alien amnesty does not work. Period.

Perhaps Ronald Reagan's biggest mistake, millions of law-breaking, contemptuous law-ignoring illegal aliens have once again descended on this country because instead of taking the needed, necessary, obvious and common sense steps to put a stop to it, our current regime is doing all it can to increase this set of fangs on the taxpayer's jugular.  We have, in fact, become a destination resort for illegals.

What, for example, did Reagan's amnesty do to address this issue?

We were assured that this one time only stunt would solve the greater part of the problem, and we wouldn't have to address the issue ever again.

We were lied to as much as Obama lied to us about keeping our plans or our doctors if we liked them in this era of his neo-communist, shades of Cuba medical plan.

Last election cycle, the GOP got its collective ass kicked by the worst president this country has ever known.

Instead of addressing the root causes of the "why" of it, which were essentially based on failed technology (The super-secret, nationwide GOTV program failed, or was hacked into crashing TO fail (Doesn't really matter which: the outcome was failure)) and the complete absence of any minority outreach or messaging program.

So, instead of focusing on what didn't actually work in that election, the GOP candidates are acting like drowning men looking to grab anything that will float to keep their heads above water.

The result?

We fail to recall the most cogent of lessons:  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." 

The last amnesty solved nothing.  Additional amnesties will solve nothing.  And the GOP is, once again, willing to throw it all away in the name of some misguided political expediency where, once again, they make an effort to out-democrat the democrats.

One need look no farther than the test tube of Washington State to see where that was the biggest possible failure.  RINO's running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General... all losers.

I voted for none of them.  Just like I won't vote for any candidate advocating that we weaken our sovereignty further by once again rewarding those who break our laws wholesale and insulting those around the world who are following our laws to a "T" in an effort to come to that bright, shiny city on the hill.

When Jeb's brother brought this stupidity up during his tenure, I blew the same holes in it then.  Simply stated, we do not have the money or infrastructure to adequately serve the people of this nation who are here now... today... in everything from overcrowded schools to an admittedly self-crippled medical system.  Amnesty would add millions more of people who have, by their actions, professed a profound disrespect for the laws of this country only to be embraced by the top scum of the democrat party who are using this issue as a distraction and otherwise reasonably bright GOP candidates like Jeb Bush are biting it hard... hook, line and sinker.

Illegal alien amnesty solves nothing, is not affordable and removes the responsibility for this travesty from all of those across the spectrum who've made it so falsely imperative in their twisted view of the world.

I have few drop dead issues that I use as a filter to run candidates through before I decide to support or oppose them.  Issues like increasing debt, weakening Defense, cutting the retirement of our disabled veterans (And yes, while I AM a disabled veteran, I receive no check or other money from the VA as a result, so this won't impact ME one wit) and supporting the rip-off known as Obamacare... something of a microcosm the current cowardly disgrace of a congresswoman we're cursed with having right now, for example.

Added to that list is the painfully stupid idiocy of illegal alien amnesty.  I will not only not support any candidate at any level who supports that kind of idiocy; I will actively oppose them at any level.

And that, of course, includes Jeb Bush.
Jeb Bush Pushes Amnesty, More High-Tech Visas at Education Conference

At a prominent conference of education innovators, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is considering a 2016 presidential run, called for more guest worker programs and a path to amnesty for all of the country's illegal immigrants. 

Speaking at what is known as the "Davos in the Desert" event in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Monday evening, Bush said the United States needed "robust guest worker programs" and an expansion of H1-B visas for the high-tech industry," even though the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers has been called a myth. He also called for a "tough but fair path to legalized status" for all of the country's illegal immigrants and an end to immigration quotas for countries. 
Bush said that it was not an "American value to have 12-13 million people living in the shadows" and spoke about the need to protect borders and sanction companies that may hire illegal immigrants.

And, of course, instead of calling for more high tech visas, he SHOULD be calling for changes in an education system that fails to train the citizens of THIS country adequately enough so that we can, ultimately, arrive at the status of no longer NEEDING high tech visas, instead of kowtowing to the special interests who seem to own him as much as they do all of the other RINOs.

You see, if we are to elect someone who claims to not be a democrat, they need to govern like they are, in fact, actually NOT democrats.

And RINO's shilling amnesty are not that.

And, by the way, there IS a "path to citizenship."

It's called coming here legally, doing your time and studying to pass the test and then passing it.

I will never support anyone out of political expediency.  And I will never support any candidate of either party who, among other things, supports this kind of self-defeating idiocy.

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