Saturday, April 12, 2014

Psychotic Lou showed up this a.m.

There's several different versions of Lefty Lou out there.

For example, this morning, today's Lefty pitched this idiocy:
“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”
Memo for Lou:  Nobody makes you act like a dickhead but you.

Of the several Lou's available, one that's done and is doing the most damage to our community is the one I call "Psychotic Lou."

Psychotic Lou, or P.L. for short, is obsessed on politically slaughtering anyone in politics to the right of Mao if they're smart enough to oppose his agenda.

Three of those most responsible for torpedoing his insanity on the CRC Scam, for example, are, of course, Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke.  Along with Sen. Don Benton, these three have earned the psychotic obsession of our erstwhile editor, who, like most local fringe-left wingnuts, has such a sense of entitlement that democracy as practiced at the polls is a major annoyance when their side comes out on the losing end.

Since the left lost control of the county commission in November, 2012, PL has been on a jihad to politically destroy these three.  His impotence in effecting public outcomes and attitudes, which, if anything, should have been a warning not only to Lefty but to the democratian's ownership, only serves to enrage him more... which leads to more of this stupidity... which serves to show that Lefty is as bent on the destruction of these three as any muslim extremist-against-American whack job that ever lived.

Combine that with yanking the rag's "official county paper" designation and giving it to a real newspaper (The Reflector) and you've just pissed off the rabid dog that is Lefty.

For months now, the whack job running the rag has been acting like both the petulant jerk and bully that he really, truly is.

Scott Campbell, who sources tell me, reined him in once when he nearly lost his job over how he was treating people, apparently approves of Lefty's "pulling wings off flies" approach to local politics, because it goes on and on and on, without let up or break.

Local fellow fringe-left whack jobs are giddy at Lou's babble.  They use it as an excuse to hate, because as bereft as it typically is with facts, there's no denying that it fans the flames of local hatred for Lou's fellow whacked out leftists.

Today, for example, Brancaccio asks the stupid question as to why Madore didn't dirty a suit by going to the "Thank God He's Gone" party of Steve " I only speak for Steve because who cares what the people want?" Stuart.

I don't know why Madore didn't go for sure.  But more importantly, I don't care.

If, for example, Slimeball Stuart had stood up and accused Lefty Lou of, say, raping a child at the beginning of the public meeting on lynching that Lefty had helped set up, and went on to say that he was going to file a complaint with the prosecutor... only to then, 2 hours later,  to come out in the meeting and say something akin to "Ooops!  Didn't happen.... my bad!"  What would Lefty have to say about that?  And would he, Lefty, have shown up for Slimeball's going away party?

Never mind that he publicly slandered both Madore and Mielke in front of the lynch mob and got away with it.  (In truth, I don't understand why Madore and Mielke didn't immediately strip Stuart of his chairmanship and all other duties) Would that episode be meaningless to Lefty?

Guess so.  Don't believe Lefty mentioned it in his sewage today.

Look, I'll be the first to admit that Commissioner Madore is occasionally not the most politically astute fellow, because, in part, he bends over backwards to find the best in everyone. 

But rule one for him should be that the democratian wants his blood.  Anything he says or does will be lied about, exaggerated, misinterpreted and held up for ridicule.

That he's keeping campaign promises is utterly meaningless to the rag.  He will get the blame for everything, and the credit for nothing.  In fact, he's the local version of the anti-Obama, who the left heaps credit on crap that isn't happening while getting the blame for none of the disaster his tenure represents.

I certainly agree that Madore has a need to communicate with the people of this county.

But I would also posit that the democratian is the last way to do it.

When you start with the baseline that the local rag is not going to tell the truth... that they are going to portray you in the worst possible light because their editor is a scumbag... then everything that follows after that falls into place.

To the extent it's possible, I would treat Lefty the way he treats me.  (In fact, this blog does that very thing, come to think of it)

I would not allow his rag anywhere in county offices.  I would not allow him or his people anywhere in county offices.  I would say nothing to him or his people at any time.  I would end any payments to the rag for anything.  I would set up a system of citizen comment precisely the same way the city of Vancouver did it, and impact the ability of the left to attack me the same way that The Liar did it to stop the anti-CRC forces from attacking him.

Leftist hypocrites would freak.  But so what?

Leavitt didn't care about the anti-CRC vote... why should Madore care about Lou's fellow fringe-left nutters? 

Today, for example: I don't CARE why Madore didn't bother to put himself in a position where Stuart could trash him, yet again, on the way out.

Lefty, obviously, sees it as yet another opportunity to be the gold-plated asshole that he really, truly, is.  That, of course, is his privilege; much like this post in response is mine.

Psychotic Lou helped Stuart to whip up the lynch mob that resulted in the episode I mentioned above.  He continued to beat on Madore and to provide maximum exposure to Pollard and Pridemore's (The PP Boys) idiotic effort to start a recall against the election of the people a few scant months before, EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW THAT NOTHING ILLEGAL HAD HAPPENED.

Why didn't Madore go?

Who knows?

And more importantly, who cares?

*I* wouldn't have gone as a commissioner, or in any other capacity.  I would have shown him the contempt and cowardice that he's shown towards me.

Soon, he's going to become Ridgefield's problem.  And I am quite thankful for that.

And Lefty's incessant banging of a garbage can lid will do nothing to change that.

Good riddance, "I only speak for Steve" Stuart.  You will not be missed.  

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