Saturday, April 12, 2014

Memo to Lefty Lou: We have a state constitution.

As the commissioners likely do not, I could give a rat's ass about Lefty's demand that the commissioners ignore the state constitution and IMMEDIATELY name Slimeball Stuart's successor.

Memo to Lou:  we have a state constitution.  It provides 60 days to name a successor.  That's all you need to know.
Jeers:  With Democrat Steve Stuart leaving the Board of Clark County Commissioners, remaining Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke have not laid out a timeline for choosing a replacement from three candidates put forth by the local Democratic party. They shouldn’t delay. 
We understand that politics are at play here, especially with Stuart’s seat open for election come November, but the commissioners should choose a replacement as soon as possible and get on with the business of governing. In a recent Facebook post, Madore explained that commissioners are full-time employees and, therefore, are able to provide a great deal of important services for constituents. If he truly believes that, then he should understand the importance of having a full board of commissioners rather than letting an open seat languish. 
This is an outright lie, of course, on several levels.

Level one is the aforementioned 60 day window to appoint.  The moron who wrote this garbage knew that, but deliberately failed to mention it... the variety of oversight this despicable rag is known for.

Level two and what is behind the entirety of this idiotic paragraph is the typically partisan bullshit Lefty is known for:

Filing week takes place in the 60 day window.

Stuart, who could have avoided all of this by resigning when he knew he was going to get this gig in early March, chose to milk the county for all it's worth up until the last second.

In short, if these scum are looking to blame someone, how about blaming that cowardly slimeball that caused it?

Third level: BECAUSE filing is in this window, every single one of those on the leftist top three list will have to file to run for commissioner to come under the legal definition of "viable." as in, 3 "viable" names on the list.

That will be a dandy waste of $3100 or so, non-refundable, PLUS the dilution of the democrat vote in the primary.

"The business of governing" will go on fine without the obligatory "no" vote on anything the commissioners remaining want to do.

Level four:  As for the "open seat languishing," I defer, once again, to that pesky state constitution.

As long as the commissioners exercise their right... and ours... to keep that seat vacant, imagine how much better off we'll all be.

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Lew Waters said...

I said it before adn I repeat it, 'Saint' Steve Stuart did the Democrats no favors with this. He screwed them royally while winning a pay raise for himself.

But their hate blinds them to it.