Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maureen Winningham's dem goat rope speech screws the pooch.

In all my years in politics (Some 26 or so now) I simply cannot recall a more bitter, arrogant, lying, uninspiring witch of a candidate than Maureen "Whiner" Winningham.

While representative of local democrats generally (Seen the hate site C3G2 lately?) some might believe those descriptors as being a bit harsh.

"Accurate" frequently can be a bit harsh.  But see for yourself: just listen to this hideous woman give her speech that makes about every conceivable mistake possible... while making her out to be a plain old, run of the mill jerk.

Winningham, who like every other democrat challenge candidate in Clark County refuses to answer any questions concerning her positions, whined about "not liking bullies" as the SOLE reason she's running and believes she has to lie by either omission or commission.... perhaps even to herself, as to the reasons she arrived at her conclusions.

But then, by now, she also knows she stands no chance of winning.

Ham... or anything else.

She accused Pike of "Stealing" because of Pike's democrat-constituent-inspired training-wage bill.

Sealing her fate by staking out her pro-CRC Scam position, perhaps the single-most hated political position in the entire district, Winningham stupidly declared that those of us opposing that rip-off only did so out of "ideology."

Those opposed to the crap pile Winningham so rabidly supports know better.

And then, she labels Pike a "bully" because she had the temerity to actually represent the people of the district and fight against the crap pile Winningham is so in love with.Never mind the waste of tens of millions, the figures that never added up, the hated loot rail, the fact that once the billions had been spent... precisely one minute would be cut from the southbound commute... no, the disrespectful bitch blamed it entirely on "ideology.

And SHE thinks PIKE is a bully?


That shows she's utterly and completely out of touch with the people of the 18th.

And, Winningham makes the absurd argument that Pike doesn't want "less advantaged children" to have breakfast because she voted against some unnamed bill.... the only thing she didn't accuse Liz of committing was murder.

Yeah, yeah.... I know.  They're desperate, and Heather Stuart really isn't all THAT smart... so, I guess you do the best you can with what you've got work with, no matter how loud the noise you make scrapping the bottom of the barrel actually gets.

Naturally, the Whiner went on to vilify Pike because Pike accurately spoke truth to power towards the WEA types infesting us.  Winningham, of course, has repeatedly bowed down to kiss the WEA's ass in hopes of their support.  Naturally, Winningham whined about how tough teachers have it, and how they can't seem to get their work done during the school day and about how special they are ... yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

The only thing missing was the obligatory porn music.

She came across as an angry, arrogant partisan hack.  Really worked her "disadvantaged background" into it, something I can match her blow to blow with when it comes right down to it.

In the end, her speech sucked so bad that it got a standing ovation of two: her husband and her kid. Everyone else clapped, politely, but they already know.

She's "dead man walking."

And no amount of screaming, lying, whining, moaning, completely misreading the district and being an arrogant bitch will change any of it.

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Lew Waters said...

Like every other Progressive, they simply cannot fathom that there are other points of view and beliefs, even ideas.

They talk a big game of being inclusive and seeking other points of view, but are completely shocked to discover that really are other views.

That is when they attack, not even discussing the other view.

It's just their nature.