Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Local dems a bit upset: shooting off their pie holes on the Barnes appointment.

Gotta love it.

The same moronic democrats that have been beating the hell out of Commissioners Mielke and Madore during Commission Meetings now expect those two to kowtow to THEIR demand and appoint the ONE guy THEY want... as if it were up to them!

First, it really doesn't matter who they appoint... or who those fringe-left nutters run.  They're going to be slaughtered this November countywide.

Second, Lew Waters has already provided a number of references where local democrats did NOT appoint the Number One name on a list submitted to them, particularly in the legislative arena.

Third, the idea that these commissioners would do ANYTHING the democrats want after engaging in the precise, exact SAME behavior Pridemore hypocritically claimed the GOP was doing is simply insanity.
"Where would we be today, if rather than working together, they'd spent their time mocking each other, insulting each other, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on political campaigns designed mostly to sow discord, distrust and disinformation." 
"It's only recently that a new tide has grown.  One that believes that community is an evil thing... that dreams and vision for the future are to be avoided at all costs.  That working respectfully with others is the road to ruin." 
"Through a well-funded campaign of misinformation and deception, this community had the torch of history knocked out of it's hands."  
"We've been chastened.  We've been humbled.  We've been mocked, despised and ridiculed." 
"In the wake of our failure, a new tide of leaders has emerged, who say there must not be ANY community leadership.  Not public or private.  That we as a community must not vision, that we must obsess over our differences rather then set them aside to work together."  
"That we must not even try to build a brighter future for those who will follow us."
"We do not intend to surrender the future vitality of this community to those who believe that the only people in this county who have integrity are those who agree with them." 
 Appoint a slimeball like Pridemore?

I wouldn't hire him to be a janitor.

And no matter how much the fringe left bitches and whines and moans... it ain't UP to them.  And I look forward to watching their heads explode like they did when the CRC Scam got dropped into the river when Barnes, hopefully, gets appointed.

That is ONE swearing-in I wouldn't miss!

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