Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Lefty Lou Hypocrisy, Chapter 3003: "decorum."

Quite literally for years, Lefty Lou Brancaccio and his minions have been using their despicable rag as a bludgeon to those who oppose his agenda.  Or is it Scott Campbell's agenda?

No matter: he is a bully, a thug, a fringe-left nutter of the old school and not close enough to a man to have the cajones to admit it.  He tries... and fails... to maintain a fa├žade of positioning himself in the politically center of the spectrum so his political assassinations carry more weight.

Well, here's the thing, Lefty: Just the other day, you tried to make a big deal over whether 3 members of the House would seek David Madore's endorsement.

Because they seemed to be somewhat afraid of you, none of them said the right thing:  "Hell. yes, I want David Madore's endorsement.  And as bad as it would be, Lefty, I'd even accept YOUR endorsement!"

For whatever the reason, they fail to see you for what you are: a spineless creature who has to tear people down to build himself up... while getting paid for it.

Take the stupidity he put up on his facebook page yesterday:

Photo: WOW! Craig Pridemore and Betty Sue Morris said basically the same thing, but are they called on it by Lefty Lou? <br><br>No.<br><br>Lefty apparently can't handle the truth!

"Please, a little decorum, sir."

I can't say I disagree with the good commissioner. But that's really not the point.  And that, in fact, the democratian IS a cancer on this community, IS unbecoming.  But really, Lefty... who's fault is that?  Find a mirror: the answer will become clear to you.

The POINT is that after years of insults, lies, exaggerations, bias one leftist bullshit from YOU and those working for you, that YOU could call for "decorum?"

Gotta tell you, Lefty: I looked up "hypocrisy" just this morning and your "mug" shot was right next to it.

You and the lackeys working for you have called us names, insulted us, belittled us, tried to professionally destroy us, turned a deal ear to us and yet YOU are calling on Commissioner Mielke to use "decorum?"

And how the hell do you know if they "face public opinion against their policies and politics?"  You claimed we supported  that massive rip off of a CRC for YEARS, all the while doing your best to shut those of us up with a contrarian view.

And what about YOUR years of "veiled threats and intimidation?"

You and those working for that despicable rag you run has repeatedly ignored and ridiculed those of this county who, overwhelmingly by every indication, express "public opinion against YOUR policies and politics" and yet you could clearly care less.

As for Mielke and Madore kicking your butt to the curb in favor of the Reflector?

Just think of it in terms of the taxpayers cancelling their subscription.

In closing, in the words of your sainted Temple Lentz and that scumbag who you allowed to trash those who were right on the CRC Scam for years: "go fuck yourself, you cockroach."

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