Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Left this message for Briggs. Watch him continue to ignore me.

I note that you claim you "...want to change that and really zero in on the 18th district’s issues to ensure all of the citizens of the 18th are truly represented.”

I have asked you questions repeatedly on this page which you have never bothered to answer.

You know your positions are unpopular and not supported by the people of this district.... so, once again... how do you intend to represent, say, ME.... when you won't even bother to respond to what I ask you in this campaign?  How would your decision to ignore me as prospective constituent translate once you were elected?

Given that every single precinct in this district opposes your CRC/Light rail dream, feel free to explain to me how you would have voted on that had you been there?

You claim to desire to represent ALL of us... a desire you express because your unpopular views were not supported in the legislature by ANY of this district's representation.  Since we have completely opposing views on any issue of substance in state government, by all means: explain to me how you would represent ME?

See, that's, the thing.  We both know that when you say you would represent "all of the citizens" of this district, that's simply not true.  You would, in fact, likely be a clone of Steve "I don't speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart.

Tell us again why anyone should vote for you when you ignore us now?

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