Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Briggs' speech at the dem goat rope: what's missing?

It was sad really, and an acknowledgement that first, he already knows he's going to lose and second, he certainly knows that his positions are going to get him slaughtered at the polls... which is why, of course, he continues to refuse to provide any or to answer any questions from any of his "I'm going to represent ALL the people" prospective constituents.

He talked about everything BUT what HE wants to do.  He failed to indicate where Vick had done anything wrong.  You know, like mail it in during the entirety of his tenure in office?

Fund raising for Mussolini Mikey continues to be a nightmare of failure, while all others outside the democrat party are raking it in.

With the continuing damage to the brand at all levels but particularly the local level, it's shaping up to be an abysmal year... a 1994 redux.  And when the M&M Twins are the best the dems can do, is it any wonder?

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